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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 benefits of having a Belk credit card

4 julio, 2021

The American chain of stores Belk has stood the test of time. The company knows exactly how to ride the waves of fashion, and while there are only 300 locations in 16 states, its name is well known across the country. The good news is that even if you don’t have a Belk store nearby, you can still shop through their online store. And there are no purchases at Belk like shopping with your store’s credit card. You could get tons of discounts and savings just by being a cardholder. If you are not a cardholder yet, here are 10 reasons why you should have a Belk credit card.

1. Exclusive discount

As soon as you register your credit card, you will automatically get a 20% discount on all your online purchases, all day long. This discount amount is basically unheard of in the world of store credit cards. It also helps that Belk sells a large selection of products to choose from. Owning this credit card already qualifies you for a great discount.

2. Reward points

For every dollar you spend with the Belk credit card, you earn an equivalent point. All the points you collect and accumulate could earn you a reward down the road. When you’ve accumulated 400 points, you’ll get $ 10 back. It might not sound like much, but in the end it all adds up. And if you combine this with the 20% discount, you get even more for your money.

3. Annual fees

One of the best things about having the Belk credit card is not having to pay annual fees. You can enjoy shopping until you drop without worrying about annual fees being deducted from your credit limit. Many credit cards charge an annual fee, but Belk does not.

4. Online access

Belk makes managing your credit card account easy by giving you online access. You can view your purchase activity and see what your balance is at any time you want. You can also make your payments online, which makes it much easier to pay your account on time.

5. Automatic update

The more you spend on your credit card, the better it will be for you in the long run. If you pay your monthly payments on time and keep up with your expenses, Belk will automatically update your credit limit each year. Healthy and responsible spending with this credit card will be duly rewarded.

6. Discount days

In addition to the 20% discount you get daily, you also get access to special cardholder discount days. Cardholders get 35 days off throughout the year. These discount days only mean more savings for you in the end. It’s definitely a win-win situation that only cardholders can take advantage of.

7. Bonus point events

You get 20% all day. You also get discount days. Plus, as a cardholder, you also have access to special events where you can earn extra points for every dollar you spend. This means that you could reach your 400 points even faster to get your reward even faster.

8. Excellent security

You should not be responsible for any fraudulent activity that may occur with your credit card. The Belk credit card offers zero liability for fraud, which means that you will not be responsible for any unauthorized charges on your credit card. It is something that will give you peace of mind every time you use your card to go shopping.

9. Premier Status

If you spend at least $ 600 on your card each year, you qualify for premier status, giving you access to even more benefits. You can get special financing through a flexible payment plan. You also have access to free benefits, such as basic clothing modifications and luxury gift wrapping.

10. Elite status

If you spend at least $ 1,500 on your credit card, you qualify for elite status. This status entitles you to even more additional benefits, including triple point events, which earn you elite reward points. These points will never expire, so you can accumulate as much as you want. You also get a 20% discount birthday coupon and a day of your choice when you get an additional 15% discount. If you are an elite cardholder, you also get free shipping on all your in-store and online purchases.

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