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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 benefits of having a Gap credit card

5 julio, 2021

Hardly anyone uses cash as an exchange mechanism when buying and paying for services. The use of paper checks linked to bank accounts is declining to the point of becoming obsolete. The digital world we live in offers quick and easy forms of payment, faster and more convenient, not to mention that they are more secure. It seems like almost every retailer has their own credit card right now, so the big three – Visa, Master Card, and American Express – aren’t the only kids on the block. Even clothing retailer The Gap has gotten in on the action. But if you know the game, it is not enough to simply offer a credit card; the card must include a certain amount of benefits to be worth applying for and using. So does the Gap credit card offer unique benefits that will make you keep that Master Card when you shop at Gap? We let you decide. Here are 10 benefits associated with the Gap credit card.

1. Various versions to meet different needs

Long live many cards that are available now, the GapCard comes in multiple versions, starting with the basic version that can only be used in Gap, Athleta, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Intermix. You can also use it for online shopping.

2. Expanded uses with the Visa-affiliated GapCard

If you’re looking for a card that you can use for purchases outside of Gap and its affiliates, the Visa-affiliated GapCard is an option. The Visa affiliated GapCard is a card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

3. Rewards program and bonus points

A credit card has no appeal these days if it doesn’t have some kind of rewards program attached to it. Both the basic GapCard and the Visa affiliate have rewards programs where you can earn bonus points for purchases made. The basic card only offers bonus points for purchases within the network, but the Visa affiliated card offers points on a wide range of purchases outside the network.

4. Registration bonus

When you apply for a new card, once approved, you will receive a 15 percent sign-up bonus with your first purchase of Gap-related products. When you shop at Gap stores, you’ll earn bonus points at the rate of five points for every dollar you spend. Visa-related purchase expenses on non-Gap products will accrue one point for every dollar spent.

5. Discounts built into Gap

Cardholders receive a five percent built-in discount on purchases made at Gap stores. The discount is applied at the time of purchase and is easy to track.

6. Automatic updates

What would a credit card system be without an upgrade from the basic issue to a silver or gold card? The Gap has made it easy for customers to update cards when they qualify. Any customer who earns a minimum of 5,000 bonus points in a year will automatically be upgraded to Silver status. Earning Silver status could mean up to a 20 percent discount on qualifying purchases.

7. Free online shipping

For those customers who earn Silver status, free online shipping is an added benefit. One of the few complaints online shoppers have is the cost of shipping and how it affects overall savings. This neat little item associated with GapCard helps mitigate shipping costs.

8. Birthday bonus offers

A nice bonus is that Gap wants to participate in your birthday celebration. Each GapCard cardholder will receive a 10 percent discount on purchases made on their birthday. This discount may be limited when used in conjunction with other discounts.

9. Who benefits the most?

The people who will benefit the most from this card are the people who actually shop at Gap on a regular basis. Good for parents who depend on Gap for most of their children’s school clothes. These benefits increase once the cardholder reaches silver status.

10. Simple and easy points redemption

There is nothing more frustrating than having to go through hoops to redeem the reward points you have earned. Bonus points earned with the GapCard can be easily redeemed at a rate of $ 5 for every 500 points earned.

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