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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 benefits of having a Raymour and Flanigan credit card

2 julio, 2021

Before we dive into the benefits of having a Raymour and Flanigan credit card, here is some basic information about the company in case you are not very familiar with it. It is a well known and very popular furniture supplier. It was started in 1947 by two brothers. Their motto has always been “furniture for every room” and they actually offer fine furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and offices. Raymour and Flanigan Furniture Company currently operates locations in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. However, they deliver anywhere in the country.

Issued by Wells Fargo National Bank

In order to finance the purchase of furniture in their stores, Raymour and Flanigan decided to issue their own retail credit card, in addition to offering some other financing options. The cards are issued by Wells Fargo National Bank and consumers can choose from four different financial options. They depend on the purchase amounts and also include a preferred account option. So, here are the ten basic benefits of having a Raymour and Flanigan credit card in case you are interested in acquiring one yourself:

  1. R&F card features do not include annual fee, zero percent APR on purchases (based on offer), four financing options designed to meet your needs, 27.99 percent APR after introductory period.
  2. The preferred account is the basic retail store cc, but it does not require a minimum purchase. This makes it a great option for consumers making smaller purchases of about $ 500 or less. However, you may not have some of the higher dollar purchase incentives.
  3. Take your older introductory APR option, for example. This would give you more than two years to pay off your purchase. If you make a purchase of $ 4,000 and pay for it over 26 months, your payments would be $ 154 or less. That appears to be an easily manageable payment, which makes it a good deal for some consumers.
  4. Raymour & Flanigan is committed to helping you achieve your dream home. They know that it is important for you to express your unique style through your home décor. Whether your current goal is to furnish an entire room or just add that special accent piece that provides visual flair, this furniture company has something for everyone.
  5. No matter what your budget and personal tastes are, it is quite easy to find it in one of their stores or online. Whether you like classic, contemporary, or a combination of both, you can probably find it at a competitive price. And, if you have your Raymour and Flanigan credit card ready, financing your options is easy.
  6. Raymour & Flanigan is an environmentally friendly furniture company. They take pride in their recycling efforts and their contributions through using sustainable energy, making them a green business. In fact, they believe that it is their responsibility to take care of the environment and make the planet greener. So when you use your Raymour & Flanigan credit card to buy new furniture, you’re also helping the environment.
  7. When you apply for a Raymour & Flanigan credit card, you will find the process safe and easy. Their personalized financing means that as soon as it’s approved, you can start your shopping experience online or shop at one of their many stores if you prefer and there’s one nearby. In-store purchases require a valid photo ID.
  8. There are a number of financing offers, and after credit approval, you may be eligible to choose from several credit offers, based on the total amount of your order. At the end of the online payment process, you can see the available credit offers.
  9. You can get preferential financing where the standard purchase APR applies. No interest will be charged to any account with no prior balance when it is paid in full before the first due date.
  10. The other options include 60 months / no interest with equal payments on a minimum purchase of $ 6,000.00; 48 months / no interest with equal payments on a minimum purchase of $ 4,800.00; 36 months / no interest with equal payments on a minimum purchase of $ 3,600.00; and an interest-free plan when paid in full within 18 months with no down payment or interest of any kind if paid in full within 18 months.

So, as you can see, these 10 benefits of having a Raymour and Flanigan credit card show the options available and, I must say, they look pretty good. All you need to do now is …

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