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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 benefits of having a restoration hardware credit card

6 julio, 2021

Owning a credit card has practically become a necessity these days. When you want to buy specific brands or products and don’t have the cash on hand to do so, having one can come in handy. The restoration hardware credit card is offered through Comenity Bank, which is recommended as a reliable and competent financial institution. If you are considering signing up for an RH credit card, here are ten benefits of owning.

1. Promotional incentive

Upon approval for a Restoration Hardware credit card, there is no interest for the first twelve months. This allows you to make purchases and settle the amount charged to the card without interest, as long as it is paid within one year of making the purchases. This eliminates any confusion about how much is owed and makes accumulated debt from purchases easier to pay off.

2. Custom financing option

Holders of Restauración Credit cards can choose the financing option that best suits their personal needs. After the initial promotion period, you can choose to take an option that allows you to extend payments for 121 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 ​​months, or 60 months. This makes it easier for customers on tight budgets to purchase needed home improvement and restoration items while making low and inexpensive payments when this option is preferred.

3. Low APR

Restoration Credit through Comenity Bank offers a low APR on its financing programs. When customers choose to pay within 12 months of the initial promotional offer, the APR is only 2.99%. 24-month financing plans, 4.99 to 36 months, 5.99% to 48 months and 6.99% to 60-month financing plans increases to 3.99%. These are among the lowest fees out there and this is a substantial benefit.

4. It is specific for household items.

The Restoration Hardware credit card is a benefit to finance special items only. It is a solution for cardholders who need to purchase household items, furniture, and there are even home improvement supplies available with the card. It’s a great option for anyone who has home improvement projects that needs to be finished, but doesn’t have the cash on hand. This offers a convenient way to get to jobs that have been suspended due to lack of finances with its convenient payment plans.

5. There is no annual fee.

This is another one of the many benefits of having a Restoration Hardware credit card. While many of these specialty credit cards charge an annual fee just for the privilege of owning them, Comenity Bank does not require an annual fee.

6. The card offers high limits

We all know that home improvement materials can be expensive wherever they are purchased. The Restoration Hardware card offers credit limits of up to $ 30,000, but there is no minimum purchase required to use the card. If your projects are small, or if you want to make smaller purchases, this is allowed without penalties. You get a standard revolving line of credit with the Restoration Hardware credit card.

7. No long waiting periods

Some credit card companies force you to go through a long waiting period before approval. Comenity Bank is very similar to the others in that they must verify your information before determining your credit eligibility, but once your account is approved, your card is immediately valid. The hard copy is sent to you via the United States Postal Service, but by selecting the online option to receive your account number, you can use this information to begin using the card immediately, even before it arrives.

8. You can manage your account online

Comenity Bank has made it easy for Restoration Hardware credit cardholders to manage their accounts. You can view your statement online, pay a bill, update your personal information, add other people as authorized buyers to your account, and even request a credit limit increase, all from the comfort of your computer or other device that supports you. allow online access. your account.

9. Access to quality materials

Some card companies make credit offers for products that are often of poor or poor quality. With the Restoration Hardware credit card, you have access to high-quality home furnishings, furniture, and home improvement supplies. You don’t have to settle for seconds when it comes to quality.

10. Freedom …

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