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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 benefits of having a Starwood credit card

4 julio, 2021

Credit cards are a convenient means of payment when someone travels from one place to another. As a result, it makes sense for frequent travelers to check out the credit cards offered by hotel chains like Starwood, which tend to offer benefits and features that are tailored to their particular needs and circumstances. If they’re lucky, they could end up getting a great deal on their credit card, thus helping them ensure maximum benefit for minimal cost. Here are 10 benefits that can be obtained through the Starwood credit card:

1. Convenience

As mentioned, a credit card is an excellent method of making payments when someone is traveling. After all, travel costs can run into the hundreds with incredible ease, which means carrying a credit card is much easier than carrying that much cash. Something that is particularly true in foreign countries when finding the right ATM with a reasonable ATM fee can be a major concern.

2. Security

Speaking of which, carrying too much cash is not a safe option for travelers, especially since they tend to be the target of criminals because they stand out. As a result, a credit card can be useful because it is much easier to secure a single card than a wallet full of cash.

3. Availability of funds

On top of that, a credit card user can spend up to his credit limit at a time of his choosing without hassle or hassle. Because of this, a credit card can be used for someone who faces unexpected expenses while away from home.

4. Credit creation

Of course, making reasonable use of a credit card can help interested individuals increase their credit score by targeting a number of important criteria, such as payment history and length of payment history. In turn, the credit score is important because it gives consumers better access to financial products in the future.

5. Welcome bonus

Naturally, the Starwood credit card has a welcome bonus to encourage interested people to sign up. For those who are curious, offer up to $ 250 in a statement credit. The first part is $ 100 for spending $ 1,500 on the credit card in the first three months, while the second part is $ 150 for spending $ 200 on the credit card at Marriott or SPG hotels in the first six months.

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express 10 benefits of having a Starwood credit card

6. Starpoints

Generally speaking, the Starwood credit card offers 1 Starpoint per spending dollar. However, there are times when you will have special offers, which interested individuals should pay attention to if they want to maximize their Starpoints collection for their spending.

7. Starpoint transfers

It is interesting to note that people can exchange their Starpoints for frequent flyer miles on various airlines. Generally speaking, this can be done 1 by 1, but it is important to note that different cases will have different conditions.

8. Membership update

People with the Starwood credit card can get an automatic upgrade to Starwood’s Gold Preferred Guest membership as long as they spend $ 30,000 or more using the credit card annually.

9. Free weekend night

On a related note, someone who spends $ 40,000 or more on their Starwood credit card can expect a Free Weekend Night award. This reward is not worth someone struggling to spend $ 40,000 or more on the Starwood credit card. However, if the credit card user is already moving toward that goal on their own initiative, such knowledge can come as quite a pleasant surprise. Because of this, stakeholders will want to factor in this bonus, although they should be careful not to assign too much weight to it in their internal calculations.

10. No blackout dates

One of the most irritating possibilities of rewards programs is the concept of blackout dates, which essentially means dates when rewards and other specials are not available. After all, keeping track of blackout dates can be a huge hassle, which means that it’s not uncommon for people to have trouble forgetting relevant blackout dates. Regardless, having the Starwood credit card means that interested individuals can exchange their Starpoints at hotels and restaurants without running the risk of dates being blocked.

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