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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 benefits of the American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card

1 julio, 2021

True travelers should know the whole scoop on how to travel smart. American Express and Delta have teamed up to provide travelers with a credit card that can offer the best benefits. Traveling can be expensive, but having the American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card will make the adventure possible and even beneficial. There are many travel credit cards you can choose from, but both American Express and Delta are trusted brands. Both are on top compared to their competitors. If you still need a little more convincing, here are 10 benefits the American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card offers.

1. Miles earned

Being a member of Delta has benefits, even if you are only on the basic level. According to, you can earn up to 5 times your miles for every dollar spent at Delta with this American Express credit card. Don’t worry if you are not yet a Delta member; You can still earn double miles on Delta purchases with this card. That is still a significant advantage over other credit cards that only offer one point for every dollar.

2. Refund

Considering the number of miles you can quickly accumulate with this card, you can only imagine the kind of cash back you can get. There are tons of options on how you can spend your Platinum Delta SkyMiles mileage, but redeeming the lower options means you can get up to 8.75% cash back on your credit card purchases. That’s practically hard to find in the world of credit cards, but American Express offers only the best. If you were a frequent traveler, you would probably use your miles to travel even more. This is the card that will make you want to travel even more.

3. Bonus miles

As an introductory bonus, American Express will offer those who sign up for the card something very special. In addition to all the miles that you would essentially earn on this credit card, you will also earn an impressive 75,000 bonus miles up front. Those are earnings after spending your first $ 3,000 with the card. Those bonus miles can be saved for future use or you can redeem them for future trips. Regardless of what you use those miles for, they are yours just for getting the Platinum Delta SkyMiles card.

4. MQM

The Points Guy explains why you should get this credit card. American Express has a point system called the Medallion Qualification Miles or MQM, and the overall goal of the point system is to reach the Elite level. This credit card will give you 5,000 points as an additional introductory bonus. But even more than that, the card offers MQM increases depending on how much you spend each year. The increases can total 20,000 MQM, a real benefit if you are trying to become an Elite.

5. Companion ticket

This is a benefit that we have never seen before on an average credit card. After the first year you use your American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card, you will get an annual companion ticket certificate. Basically, it is a free ride for anyone you want to take with you on your trip. It is also a free ride to go anywhere. That can go a long way for that friend who just doesn’t want to shell out for airline costs. The best part is that you get a certificate every year that your card is active.

6. Bags

Dealing with bags is always tricky. For those who are not loyal to a particular airline, it can even turn into a nightmare. The airline baggage rules are all different and many of them are constantly changing. Baggage rules also vary depending on the type of seat you buy. There are even lower-end tickets now that won’t even allow you to carry a carry-on or check a purse, or vice versa. Flying Delta with this American Express makes this part of the trip simple and easy. The first checked bags are free, and that’s more than some of us could ask for.

7. Priority boarding

This travel article explains how convenient this particular benefit could be. Most of us know how much of a headache shipping can cause. No matter how many times airline agents announce boarding rules, it seems most of the time they don’t listen to them. This credit card will allow your cardholders a Priority Boarding. You can get on the plane first, sit down first, settle in first, and worry about nothing else.

8. Sky Club

If you’ve never been to a Delta Sky Club, you will definitely …

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