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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 differences between Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special

3 julio, 2021

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod model line ® includes exactly two bikes: the V-Rod Muscle ® and the Night Rod ® Special. Both bikes offer great power, distinctive drag-inspired styling, and many updated features. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind high-performance Harley-Davidson motorcycle, either one will fit the bill, but if you’re having a hard time deciding which one is for you here in the Lowell and Chelmsford, MA area, take a look at the comparison. then!

Price and options

These two bikes are almost identical in price. The V-Rod Muscle ® starts at $ 16,449 in Vivid Black, while the Night Rod ® Special starts at $ 16,849 in Vivid Black. Both offer a color option for an additional $ 350. The V-Rod Muscle ® also offered with a two-tone paint scheme for an additional $ 500.

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10 differences between Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special – V-Rod Muscle 5

Dimensions and Specifications

The V-Rod Muscle ® is slightly shorter than the Night Rod ® Special – has an overall length of 94.9 inches, while the Night Rod ® special is at 96.1 inches. They have an identical wheelbase and identical seat heights when loaded. When ready to ride, they have nearly identical weights. The handling should be very similar between these two bikes. The V-Rod Muscle ® has slightly less ground clearance than the Night Rod ® Special if that worries you.

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Power train and performance

Perhaps the most important feature offered by the V-Rod Muscle ® is the 122 hp produced by the 1250cc Revolution ® V-Twin. This V-Twin is tuned to produce 87 pound-feet of torque. The Night Rod ® Special receives the same Revolution ® engine, with the same displacement, but is not made of 125 hp, with a maximum torque of 83.4 foot-pounds. Those differences can make the V-Rod Muscle ® be slightly faster when exiting the line, while the Night Rod ® Special will have a higher top speed. They both get the same transmission and gear ratios, so the performance difference will be minimal.

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10 differences between Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special – V-Rod Muscle 7

Drag inspired styling

The style of these two bikes is probably the biggest difference. While the Night Rod ® Special uses blackened details, including the fork, tailpipes, handlebars and more, the V-Rod ® Muscle has mainly chrome details. Otherwise, they use a similar drag-inspired style, with nearly identical profiles.

. helps you get a little more familiar with two of the baddest Harley-Davidsons ever, the Night Rod Special and the V-Rod Muscle. Despite its menacing looks and impressive performance, the V-twin racing street custom (VRSC) or V-Rod line of Harley davidson The bikes were unceremoniously discontinued in 2017. The line featured eleven design iterations since its inception in 2001, with two of the best being Night Rod Special (’07 -’17) and V-Rod Muscle (’09 -’17).

The V-Rod was a bit different for HD, as it fell into the unknown category of “cruiser-style drag bike” and was aimed squarely at gaining a new customer base. The exposed frames and semi-minimal appointments made it seem a bit closer to ‘naked bike’ design specs, but this pick kept the overall weight low. In comparison, one of the best Japanese cruiser bikes and close competitors to the V-Rod is the Suzuki Boulevard M109R, and it weighs 41 pounds more than the V-Rod.

From ’08 -’18, power was provided to both bikes by a 1247cc DOHC four-stroke V-twin engine, developed in partnership with the Porsche engineering department. It was liquid-cooled, the cylinders were set at 60 degrees, and everything was belt-driven for smoothness and less maintenance. The estimated top speed was 190 km / h and it could do the quarter mile in about eleven seconds. While these aren’t mind-boggling numbers, remember this bike was meant to be a performance-cruiser hybrid, rather than a dragster.

Large 300mm disc brakes with Brembo 4-piston calipers and standard ABS deliver the stopping power, while dual-coil adjustable rear shocks keep you on the road, and a gigantic 18-inch rear tire that measures 240 / 40R puts the power on the pavement. With so much in common, the main differences between the Night-Rod Special and V-Rod Muscle were primarily aesthetic, but for owners, that meant …

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