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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 of the best Sinn-Spezialuhren watches in the world

5 julio, 2021

The German watchmaker Sinn-Spezialuhren was launched in 1961, and since then the company has become known for its aviation watches and cockpit clocks. The award-winning brand was founded by a pilot, Helmut Sinn, so it’s no surprise that Sinn-Spezialuhren watches feature cutting-edge technology, precise movements, and precise engineering. While it was difficult to pin them down on a list, here are our picks for ten of the best Sinn-Spezialuhren watches in the world.

1. White Gold Regulator – $ 11,027.95


The Sinn-Spezialuhren White Gold Regulateur has a slick display and beautiful classic details. A 44mm 18K white gold case, a transparent sapphire crystal caseback and a gray galvanized guilloché dial are just the beginning. Features a 17-jewel homemade hand-winding movement and a glucide balance screw. Not only is this watch a pleasure to look at, it is also shock and water resistant to 100 meters. The production of the white gold Regulateur was limited to 45 pieces.

2. U1000 B Diver Watch – $ 128,000


Sinn-Spezialuhren’s U1000 B diver’s watch is a diver’s dream. It’s made from submarine-grade steel for extreme durability and strength, and features TEGIMENT technology to make it virtually scratch-proof. Dehumidification features, a captive safety dive bezel that prevents misadjustment, and DNV GL certification make it one of the best sports watches out there.

The U1000 B diver’s watch also has a 25-jewel automatic movement that produces 28,800 beats per hour. As far as aesthetics go, its matte blue dial and companion strap look great and can easily be worn out of the water with different types of outfits.

3. Jagduhr: $ 1,895.15


Sinn-Spezialuhren is famous for creating exceptional technical and sports watches, and the Jagduhr is their watch that was specially developed to meet the needs of hunters. Above all, this is a high-quality watch with maximum readability, strength, and durability. However, the Jagduhr is also an attractive watch with a dark brown and forest green color scheme that is ideal for hunting.

The Jagduhr has a shock resistant automatic movement with 25 jewels. Anti-glare glass and water resistance up to 200 meters make this watch even more practical. As a limited edition watch, only 100 units of the Jagduhr are available worldwide.

4. 917 GR – $ 3,139


The 917 GR chronograph watch was created by Sinn-Spezialuhren to be an ideal rally accessory. A high-precision countdown bezel, non-reflective sapphire crystal, and a reserve gauge that mimics a fuel gauge make this watch a distinctive timepiece. Its aesthetic is elegant with a sporty twist, and the dial pays homage to rally racing perfectly. The 917 GR has an automatic movement, is water resistant to 100 meters, and displays hours, minutes, subsidiary seconds, and date.

5. 2008 Limited Edition EZM 1 – $ 6,360

EZM-1 --- Edition-2008_V

Sinn-Spezialuhren developed the 2008 limited edition EZM 1 for tactical and special units, and it has a mission timer that is as perfect as possible. Quick time measurement, optimal readability, and a uniquely located and protected push mechanism make this watch perform well for a variety of applications.

Those who simply want a very accurate and precise watch that has a modern and attractive look will also appreciate the limited edition 2008 EZM 1. It has a 40mm beaded polished titanium case, chronograph, pilot bezel and is water resistant. Only 250 pieces of this model were produced.

6. 901 – $ 3,086.90


One of Sinn-Spezialuhren’s most technically robust watches is the 901, a sports chronograph with complex engineering. Its strap can be shortened or lengthened by simply adjusting the lugs, ensuring a custom fit and superior comfort. The 901 is also highly resistant to scratches and temperature, has a 25 jewel automatic movement and displays the date, hours, minutes and secondary seconds. The production of this watch was limited to 150 units.

7. Porcelain 1746 – $ 33,073.95


The 1746 porcelain clock, also known as the Frankfurt porcelain clock, has a beautiful hand-painted dial. There are seven different versions of this watch available: one depicting the Frankfurt am Main coat of arms, three different river landscapes, and three unique scenes from Frankfurt, Germany. Each motif is painted on Hochst porcelain, and the …

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