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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 rules you must follow to join a motorcycle club

2 julio, 2021

Motorcycle clubs have been around for a long time and there were many great photos of motorcycle clubs back in the day. These clubs have made their way into modern times and have many underlying factors that determine their operation. what you need to know Driven by radical ideas and occasional illegal activities, there are strict and strict rules in place to ensure that no member steps out of line or endangers the safety of other club members. It guarantees that they know what they have signed up for and in any case they defend the concepts promoted by the club. It also allows the motorcycle club to select only those members that turn out to be a perfect outfit for the club as a whole. Motorcycle riders should know or read these things before joining a motorcycle club. However, some of these rules are pretty extreme and downright weird to be exact. Regardless, they are all the rage in many motorcycle clubs and yet it is strange that they still need to be followed.

10 All meetings must be attended

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Motorcycle club meetings are the events where the next itinerary is discussed for all members or important announcements are made. These meetings usually take place at least once a week and it is mandatory for all members to attend.

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Certain motorcycle clubs like Devils Breed Motorcycle Club also require members to provide a valid reason in case they skip a meeting. A valid reason could be the responsibilities they face at work, any kind of illness, or incarceration. Missing multiple meetings in a row without permission from the club hierarchy can result in a member being kicked out and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

9 Respect your gear and your motorcycle vest

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Each motorcycle club has its own logo and color that they wear on their vests or jackets, and these symbols are treated with the utmost respect. They embody the club and therefore embody the ideology by which the club lives. Through these vests and emblems, any layman can recognize the loyalty of the user and therefore know that it is better not to mess with him / her.

Therefore, each member should treat their motorcycle gear and vest with the same respect that these uniform pieces accumulate when a motorcycle rider wears them. Selling these vests is out of the question and cannot be replaced or lost by a member. Members who have left the club must do so by returning the equipment and vest to the motorcycle club, or they will be taken from the departing member by use of force.

8 Potential member? Get ready for some tough encounters

Motorcycle clubs choose only the most difficult prospects to become members of their elite group and this selection is done through a rigorous screening process that often includes some difficult encounters for the prospective member. You would have to go through a waiting period before being accepted as part of the group and this waiting process often involves real club members handing them work. RELATED: Everything You Need to Know About America’s Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs

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For example, at Bandidos Motorcycle Club, prospects must wait and observe active club members before being admitted as full participants, while Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club requires its members to perform housework for them before receiving shelter in the club. Some of these experiences may even include heavy hazing to eliminate the best of the lot.

7 Each meeting has particular protocols that must be followed: motorcycle clubs

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Most motorcycle clubs are not chaotic when it comes to the way they operate and this can be seen in the way most of these club meetings are conducted. These clubs promote a certain way of thinking and also respect particular codes and laws, which are also reflected in their meetings.

You need to adhere to a particular set of protocols, which dictate how meetings will be conducted or leaders will be chosen. Failure to comply with any of them can lead to fines. The most commonly known set of rules followed by most motorcycle clubs is derived from Robert’s Rule of Order, a list of guidelines that facilitates the organized and democratic gathering of club members.

6 motorcycle club regulations: rules of a biker

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