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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things to do in Tulsa, OK, for first-time visitors

5 julio, 2021

Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma and for this reason alone this city is a popular tourist destination. This historic city is located on the Arkansas River, between the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and the Osage Hills. Visitors to Tulsa can enjoy the urban bustle of the city while also enjoying the beauty of the surrounding area. No matter what your personal interests are, you will find many things to see and do during your stay in this amazing city. If this is your first time visiting Tulsa, here are ten things to include in your vacation itinerary.

1. Stay in a luxury hotel

The accommodation you choose for your stay is important as it can have a significant impact on your overall experience. There are many excellent hotels to choose from in this city that each have a different style or something different to offer their guests. Some of the best hotels in Tulsa include The Mayo Hotel and Ambassador Hotel Tulsa, The Autograph Collection.

2. Enjoy the local cuisine

Eating out is probably another important element to enjoying your time in Tulsa and this city has some culinary delights for you to enjoy. Restaurants range from casual to fine dining and there is local and international cuisine. If you want to get a taste of Tulsa, some of the best restaurants in this city include Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, SMOKE on Cherry Street, and Juniper Restaurant.

3. Go to the museums

Tulsa is a historic city, and this is reflected in the number of museums that this city houses. To fully absorb the local history and culture, you should try to visit some of these during your stay. Some of the best museums to visit include the Philbrook Museum of Art, the Gilcrease Museum, and the Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab.

4. Visit the Tulsa Zoo

A fun day out is a trip to the Tulsa Zoo and this is one of the most popular local attractions. This is an excellent option if you are traveling with children, as it is fun, interactive, interesting, and educational.

5. Spend time in the parks and gardens

Both within the city and in the surrounding area, there are many impressive parks and gardens for you to enjoy. If you like spending time outdoors, this is the ideal activity for you to enjoy in Tulsa. Some examples of the parks and gardens in and around this city are Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness, Turkey Mountain Park, Mohawk Park, Redbud Valley, Oakley Nature Center, and Botanical Garden. from Tulsa.

6. Have fun at Safari Joe’s H20

This is a fun-filled day for families, couples, or even solo travelers. This is a large outdoor water park that’s packed with thrilling rides, a wave pool, slides, and a variety of themed play areas. It is best to visit it during warm weather.

7. Try some outdoor activities

For those who are more adventurous and want to try something a little more energetic than enjoying the local sights, there are some great settings where they can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Mohawk Park is a great place for walking and hiking, while Turkey Mountain Park is a good option for biking and horseback riding.

8. Take a look at the cave house

An unusual attraction in Tulsa is the Cave House and is worth seeing just for the novelty factor. This quirky little house is uniquely decorated and has a past as a restaurant. It is now open for guided tours.

9. Ride a river boat

Tulsa is famous for sitting on the Arkansas River, so a boat ride is the best way to experience one of the most important elements of the city. It is also a way of seeing the urban landscape from a different perspective. Attractions are available day and night, and some offer an experience package, such as food, drink, or entertainment.

10. Enjoy outdoor entertainment

If you’re visiting during good weather, enjoying outdoor entertainment is a way to combine enjoying the outdoors with a performance. One of the best places to enjoy such a performance is River West Festival Park. This venue is used for a wide range of performances, events, and festivals throughout the year.

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