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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about Adam Aron

3 julio, 2021

Since 2015, Adam Aron has served as CEO of AMC. After transforming the company into one of the largest film exhibitors in the country during its first two years, he now intends to help it weather the storm of the COVID pandemic. Thanks to the major equity investment deal you just made, you appear to be well on your way to doing so. Find out more as we reveal ten things you didn’t know about Adam Aron.

1. Graduated with honors from Harvard.

Aron has always been an achiever, even as a teenager. After graduating from Abington Senior High School in Philadelphia, he earned a place at Harvard University. Three years later, he graduated cum laude with a degree in government. Not content with leaving his academic achievements there, he went on to earn a distinguished MBA from Harvard Business School.

2. Made a name for yourself in the travel industry.

After graduating from Harvard, Aron took his first career step in the marketing department of Pan American World Airways. After working his way through ever-increasing seniority roles, he left the airline after a decade to take over as head of marketing at Hyatt. From there, he assumed the same role at United Airlines. After that, he began to make a name for himself by changing the fortunes of bankrupt companies, including Norwegian Cruise Line, Vail Resorts, and Philadelphia 76ers. His most recent positions prior to joining AMC were as Senior Operating Partner at private equity giant Apollo Global Management and as CEO of Starwood Hotels.

3. Joined AMC in 2015.

After making a name for himself in the travel industry, Aron was appointed CEO of AMC theaters in late 2015. He immediately set out to introduce a transformation strategy that reversed the fortunes of the company. In just two months of taking the reins, he had negotiated a $ 1.1 billion deal to acquire Carmike Cinemas. The acquisition transformed the chain of cinemas into the largest box office source in the country. A few weeks later, he seized the Nordic Cinema Group in a move that made AMC the largest exhibitor in Scandinavia.

4. He’s an award winner

Aron’s career has been peppered with highlights. In addition to being praised by Newsweek for transforming the US ski industry.During his time as CEO of Vail Resorts, his accomplishments have earned him a spot on Travel Weekly magazine’s ‘Club 33’, a list of the 33 Most Influential Travel & Tourism Executives, and two separate mentions in Ad Age magazine’s ‘Ad Age 100’, a roundup of America’s Top 100 Marketing Executives.

5. Avoided bankruptcy four times in nine months.

When the COVID pandemic began to be known in March 2020, the impact in theaters was immediate. As The New York Times reports, by mid-March, all AMC theaters had been closed and 35,000 workers, including Aron himself, had been laid off. As the virus receded, most of its cinemas reopened, only to close again when the restrictions went back into effect. Now some theaters are slowly beginning to reopen again. To keep the business going, Aron and his CFO, Sean Goodman, have taken advantage of every possible opportunity available. As a result, they have narrowly avoided bankruptcy no less than four times in the space of just nine months.

6. Caused controversy with his mask policy.

When Aron declared in July 2020 that AMC would reopen 450 of its 600 theaters after the coronavirus shutdown, little did he know he would be inviting a lot of controversy on his doorstep. During an interview with Variety, Aron confirmed that while AMC workers would wear masks, guests would not be required to do the same. According to Aron, the wearing of masks had become a political issue that AMC was not prepared to get into. “We did not want to be drawn into a political controversy,” he explained. “We think it could be counterproductive if we forced the use of masks on those people who strongly believe that it is not necessary.” The reaction was immediate and fierce. If Aron hadn’t wanted to be involved in a political controversy, he was wrong about it. So intense was the public outcry that it took AMC just one day to back down from its decision and announce that it would make masks a mandatory requirement across the board.

7. He’s one of the White House favorites.

Since 1995, Aron has been selected by various White House officials to serve on numerous advisory boards. It began in 1995 when he was selected as a delegate to the Conference of …

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