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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about Daniel Dines

6 julio, 2021

UiPath is a global software company that specializes in robotic process automation. This January, Uipath announced that it had raised $ 750 million in a fundraising round that values ​​the startup at $ 35 billion, more than $ 20 billion more than last year. At the head of the company is Daniel Dines, a former Microsoft employee who plans to be to the bot industry what Bill Gates is to the PC world. Judging by the fact that Dines now ranks as the richest man in Romania, he already seems to be on his way to achieving his goal. Learn more about the CEO of UiPath as we take a look at 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniel Dines.

1. I wanted to be an author

As a child, Dines had a lot of ambition. Oddly enough, being the CEO of a global software company was not in their plans even one bit. Born to a teacher and a civil engineer who met after the Nicolae Ceausescu government forcibly relocated them to a new city of chemical factories, Dines dreamed of one day escaping the Iron Curtain and becoming an author of World Fame. The problem was, writing was the least of his talents. By the time he was in the middle of high school, he had realized that his true gift was math. Always pragmatic, Dines put aside his dream of writing the next great Romanian novel and began to focus on his sums.

2. He skipped class to play bridge

After discovering his talent for mathematics in high school, Dines went on to study it alongside computer science in college. But he was easily bored and soon skipped all but the most essential classes in favor of playing competitive bridge. After finishing college, he took advantage of the country’s post-communist inflationary economy to make a small fortune buying cheap goods in Bucharest before adding a profit margin and selling them for a profit at home.

3. He is self-taught

In the early 1990s, Dines heard rumors that coders in Bucharest were making more than $ 300 a month working on outsourcing projects for American tech companies. In post-Soviet Romania, $ 300 was a fortune. Determined to get in on the action, Dines set about learning everything there was to know about coding. He borrowed a book from the library on C ++ and spent all his time practicing on a friend’s computer. It was worth it. After working for several years in the Romanian tech sector, Dines received a job offer from Microsoft. The job offer meant leaving his native Romania for Seattle. Despite not having visited the United States before, Dines seized the opportunity.

4. You worked for Microsoft for five years.

In 2001, Dines landed in Seattle. He spent the next five years working as a programmer for Microsoft, honing and developing his skills to perfection. Not that it was the easiest time. Due to his limited English, Dines struggled to understand a lot about what was going on in the business. “My early years were terrible,” he remembers ever since. “In the meetings, I understood between 50 and 60 percent of what they were talking about and could not speak at all.” Only a few years after leaving Microsoft, he discovered that words like folders had meaning that extended beyond the Windows desktop.

5. He returned to Bucharest in 2005

After almost five years of working in the United States, Dines returned to Bucharest in 2005. Upon arrival, he created a technology outsourcing company called DeskOver. Eventually, he realized that there was an untapped market for bots. Determined to make the most of the market, he focused on virtual robots that ran autonomously without the need for new code. By 2014, the company was handing out more than $ 500,000, a princely sum in Romania. Not content with stopping there, Dines began targeting larger and larger clients. Around the same time, he began to focus on software-as-a-service subscriptions. After raising $ 1.6 million in investment from Earlybird, Credo Ventures, and Seedcamp, Dines changed the name from DeskOver to UiPath and set his sights on world domination.

6. He is the richest man in Romania.

Forbes currently estimates that Dines’ net worth is around $ 1.3 billion. It would be a fortune in any country, but in Romania it is doubly so. According to Positive News Romania, Dines’ immense personal fortune places him in contention for the title of the richest man in all …

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