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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about Greg Mercer

4 julio, 2021

Greg Mercer is the engineer-turned-entrepreneur who, in 2015, founded Jungle Scout, a set of tools that aim to inspire and empower Amazon sellers to expand their e-commerce footprint. In addition to serving as CEO of Jungle Scout, Mercer has become a highly influential educator in the art of turning fledgling ideas into profitable businesses. In recent years, he has also become widely known for philanthropic activities such as the Million Dollar Case Study project, which aims to raise $ 1 million for a selected charity through the sale of products on Amazon. Find out more as we reveal ten things you didn’t know about Greg Mercer.

1. He trained as a civil engineer

Mercer never planned to become an entrepreneur. In college, he studied civil engineering and, after graduation, got a job doing just that. But he soon discovered that the cooperative world did not satisfy him in the way he needed. As someone who had always enjoyed creating projects and building things, it didn’t take much introspection to decide the next step. Soon after, he decided to ditch the 9-5 in favor of launching his own company. The result was Jungle Scout.

2. Launched Jungle Scout in 2015

Despite its great success, Jungle Scout hasn’t been around that long. Mercer launched the company in 2015 as a tool to help other Amazon sellers navigate Amazon’s somewhat challenging landscape to grow and promote their businesses. Since its inception, Jungle Scout has become the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. Its team includes more than 200 Amazon experts from around the world, while its physical presence now covers a headquarters in Austin, Texas, and two international offices.

3. Think of Amazon as a jungle

Have you ever wondered where the name Jungle Scout comes from? Miss more. During an interview with, Mercer revealed where he found inspiration for his company name. “The goal of Jungle Scout was to help you find products to sell on Amazon,” he explained. “So I thought of Amazon as a jungle where you are looking for new products to sell. And so Jungle Scout was born ”.

4. You have made a profit by tapping into other people’s audiences.

Why create a new audience of your own when you could take advantage of someone else’s? That’s what Mercer has always thought, and he has done so with undeniable effect of success. Speaking with Entrepreneurs HQ, he explained how his decision to partner with people with a large existing audience helped him during his early days in business. “When you don’t have an audience to market to, it’s very difficult to get that initial traction. However, if you can team up with someone who has control of a relevant audience, it will be much easier to get your first initial sales, “he explained. “I didn’t have many clients, and someone in the space came up to me and asked if I would do a webinar to educate their audience about Jungle Scout. I said “Sure! Why not! ”, And I tried. That first webinar literally doubled the number of clients I had and made me think I might have found my marketing tactic.

5. Giving back is your ultimate goal

He may have made a fortune with Jungle Scout, but making a profit wasn’t the only reason Mercer left engineering to launch the startup. As he explains on, Jungle Scout was always intended to be a launch pad for entrepreneurs. It was this core mission statement that Mercer credits as his inspiration to build something successful. “I believe that entrepreneurship is the most powerful lever we have for empowerment and personal growth,” he explains. “Profits can have a net positive effect and also influence positive opportunities to give something back.”

6. He is a committed philanthropist

Mercer may have created Jungle Scout as a tool to empower fellow entrepreneurs, but his philanthropic leanings don’t end there. In the past two years, he has developed as much a reputation for his philanthropy as for his business acumen. In 2016, he launched Jungle Stix Marshmallow S’Mores Roasting Sticks on Amazon with the express intention of raising money for charity. All proceeds (which amounted to more than $ 1 million) went directly to Doctors Without Borders. Since then, he has partnered with Pencils of Promise to raise $ 1 million more in the same way.

7. Only sell products that can fit in a shoe box.

Mercer does not leave his success to fate. Ha…

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