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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about John Mehas

2 julio, 2021

John Mehas is the current CEO of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie. For those of you unfamiliar, this means you are a member of the senior management team at L Brands, Inc.

1. Has experience in retail sales

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Meha had a lot of retail experience before becoming the CEO of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie. After all, he is the top management of a company that continues to operate selling its products to interested people, which means that this is a great need. An excellent example of Mehas’s retail experience would be how he once worked for Bloomingdale’s, which is a chain of luxury department stores.

2. Has experience in clothing

In addition to retail experience, Mehas also has a lot of clothing experience. In fact, much of her career can be considered both retail experience and apparel experience, having worked for various apparel retailers prior to Victoria’s Secret. As such, it makes sense for Mehas to end up in a position that makes use of both types of experience.

3. Run one of the three divisions

Currently, Mehas runs one of the three divisions of Victoria’s Secret. For the curious, this would be Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, which encompasses the products for which the brand is best known. Besides Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, the other two divisions are Victoria’s Secret Beauty and PINK. Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s approach should be obvious considering the name. Meanwhile, PINK’s focus can be summed up in lingerie, as well as other garments aimed at a younger audience than Victoria’s Secret Lingerie.

4. Received your position after a restructuring

Mehas received his position after a restructuring. In short, this happened at a time when Victoria’s Secret was still thriving. However, companies are companies, which means that it is not a good idea for them to be content to rest on their laurels. As such, the restructuring was meant to make Victoria’s Secret even more profitable by making its operations more nimble and petty. Something that can be very important because companies that try to do too many things can end up going bad at all of them, thus making things worse than companies that choose to focus on one or a small number of specialties.

5. You are not the first head of your division after the restructuring

Having said that, it is important to note that Mehas was not the first CEO of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie after its inception. Instead, he succeeded Jan Singer in early 2019. As for why that happened, well, suffice to say, it’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret has been struggling as of late, so much so that Singer made the decision to resign afterward. one’s. particularly notable incident.

6. He runs a division that is considered obsolete

For those unfamiliar, Victoria’s Secret Lingerie hasn’t fared well of late. One of the main reasons for its problems is that it is considered outdated. For example, beauty standards have become more inclusive by nature, which is quite problematic because Victoria’s Secret has not followed suit.

7. He runs a division that has not been able to keep up with consumer preferences.

As such, it can be argued that Victoria’s Secret Lingerie has failed to keep up with the latest in consumer preferences. However, while beauty standards are an excellent example of this failure, it is by no means the only example. For example, consumers have also shown increasing interest in more casual and comfortable clothing in recent times, which is not the kind of image that Victoria’s Secret Lingerie or the rest of the brand have managed to build for themselves. Because of this, sales have suffered, which is the inevitable result when companies discover that their consumers are no longer who they thought their consumers were. Something that can be particularly painful due to the large amount of time that companies need to make the degree of change necessary to address these problems.

8. Successful singer after controversial comments

Regardless, the way Meha succeeded Singer is a great example of Victoria’s Secret’s PR woes of late. In short, Marketing Director Ed Razek commented that he thought “transsexuals” had no place in the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show because the latter was supposed to be a “fantasy,” which was in keeping with the general attitude of the company…

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