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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about Michael Sayman

5 julio, 2021

Michael Sayman is the wunderkid kid who developed his first top-charting app at 17, was hired by Facebook at 18, Googled at 21, and is now venturing into new territory with Roblox at the great age of 24 years. the super hit 4 Snaps, the teenager who helped Facebook reconnect with high school students, the boy who financed his family during the Great Recession… in short, he’s someone you need to know more about. Find out everything you need to know about Michael Sayman with these ten quick facts.

1. The Great Recession had a great impact on your life.

Sayman was born in 1996 to a Bolivian father and a Peruvian mother. When Sayman was 13 years old, the Great Recession hit. His parents lost their jobs and were forced to foreclose on their home. Driven by despair, his parents considered returning to Peru. It was at Sayman’s insistence (and his promise to pay for everything in the future) that they stayed in the United States. He spent the next several years juggling high school and earning money by posting apps. Since then, she has said that there were times during her childhood when she never knew how the family would manage to buy food or pay her bills.

2. He is self-taught

Considering the circumstances of his family, Sayman never had the luxury of being able to afford private tuition or extracurricular activities. But what he did have in abundance was the determination to learn. Speaking with Pando, he recalled how he learned to program IOS himself through whatever information he could find online. “It was a horrible learning process, absolutely the worst,” he explained. “Four years later and I still don’t know everything. My school doesn’t offer computer classes, so that’s what I had to do.

3. His first big hit came with 4 Snaps

At the age of 17, Sayman experienced his first big success when he developed “4 Snaps,” a game application that allowed users to choose a word, send four pictures illustrating the word to a fellow gamer, and then challenge them to guess. which was. The application was launched on August 8, 2013. As of August 2014, “4 Snaps” had been downloaded more than a million times. Soon after, it peaked at number one on the list of word games.

4. It took him a while to absorb his success

When Sayman released 4 Snaps, he obviously expected to be successful on his hands. But it is unlikely that you ever imagined how great success would be. On the first day of its launch, he made $ 40, almost half the amount he had borrowed from his mother to get the app up and running. I was excited. On day 2 he bought even more: $ 120. When he charged $ 170 on the third day, he began to realize that he was on to something big. But how big it would eventually become, and how much attention it would subsequently attract, was far beyond the imagination of a 13-year-old who had learned everything he knew through iOS tutorials.

5. He was mentored by Mark Zuckerberg

Not many 18-year-olds can say they work at one of the largest companies in the world, but again Sayman was never a normal kid. Fresh off the success of “4 Snaps,” Sayman was hired by Facebook in 2014. For the next three years, he worked with Zuckerberg and company to create new products aimed directly at the market he knew best: teens. By providing insider insight into the teen segment, he helped the network expand its reach into the under-20s market, providing crucial insight into the trends of the day and advising the company which products would work and which definitely won’t.

6. It came out in 2018

During an interview with People en Español in 2018, Sayman came out as gay. His decision to open up about his public life arose, he explained, from the desire to “help other Latinos who are going through the same situation.”

7. Met your first failure with Lifestage.

Six years after Sayman had his first big hit with 4 Snaps, he released Lifestage. By then, Sayman was already working on Facebook. Targeted directly at the teen market (so much so that, in fact, anyone over the age of 22 would be automatically blocked), “Lifestage” was a social app that allowed high school students to view the video profiles of any other student on their own. . school or those in the immediate vicinity. According to an interview given by Sayman to Business Insider, it was designed to “show others who they are and learn more about the people in their school community, as well as meet people …

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