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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about Steven Schonfeld

3 julio, 2021

The Hedge Funder Steven Schonfeld is many things…. a billionaire, owner of the most expensive mega mansion in Florida, director of one of Wall Street’s largest commercial firms, and a man who likes hoodies. As in, really, really like them. If you are used to reading about billionaires leaning towards Gucci suits and billionaire watches, get ready to meet a billionaire of a different race. Learn more with these ten quick facts.

1. 1988 was the year it all started

Schonfeld Group Holdings can trace its history back to 1988, when a young Steven Schonfeld founded a small proprietary trading company. That small company quickly became one of the most profitable leaders on Wall Street. Today, he enjoys an international presence, routinely and regularly trading hundreds of millions of shares every day.

2. Has a gift for numbers

As Bloomberg points out, if there’s one thing in particular Schonfeld is known for, it’s his knack for numbers. His math prowess dates back to childhood, when he supplemented his pocket money by delivering pizzas and newspapers at his home on Long Island. By the age of 9, he had managed to memorize the San Francisco Giants baseball card stats and had a habit of manually recalculating the averages in his mind to make sure there were no mistakes.

3. He’s a billionaire

According to the latest Celebrity Net Worth estimates, Schonfeld is worth a whopping $ 2 billion. The figure represents a substantial increase in value from 2018, when his $ 130 million income earned him 18th place on Forbes’ list of highest earning hedge fund managers that year.

4. He loves hoodies

Not many billionaires will choose a hoodie over a thousand dollar suit, but Schonfeld is one such creature. Never someone who woos public life, you are more likely to see Schonfeld at home in sweat pants than him having a cocktail at a gala. “Between family, golf, gin rummy and friends, that’s my life,” Schonfeld told Bloomberg during an interview last year. “I am a homebody.” And considering where you live (more on which shortly), we don’t blame you.

5. You own the most expensive home in Florida

In December 2019, Schonfeld broke state records when he spent $ 111 million on a large chunk of Florida real estate. The most expensive mansion ever sold in Florida, is spread over 6 acres, occupies more than 70,000 square feet of living space, and features 11 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a bowling alley, a salon, a spa, an ice cream stand and even your very own candy store (and no, we’re not making it up). Unsurprisingly, the mansion is located on Billionaire’s Row, an exclusive stretch of Palm Beach that also includes Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, along with the vacation homes of Ken Griffin, Rod Stewart, Paul Tudor Jones and Steve Shwarzman.

6. Got caught up in an ugly custody battle

Schonfeld has three children, including a 14-year-old daughter named Sadie with a former girlfriend, former model Sidra Saucedo. Things turned ugly for the former couple in 2015, when in the midst of an ugly custody battle (which by then he had already been fighting for the better part of a decade), Schonfeld released a video of Saucedo inhaling a can of Dust-Off. spray. After the judge overseeing the case saw the video, Saucedo was prevented from seeing his daughter, which, for obvious reasons, he didn’t like very much. According to Saucedo, her predilection for the jet of air was “the direct result of having to fight Steven Schonfeld, who has been trying to control me and my relationship with my daughter since the day she was born.” The ongoing battle finally came to an end in 2018 when the New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County awarded Schonfeld sole custody of Sadie.

7. #BlackLivesMatter controversy

On June 1, the Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alliance sent a round-robin to Schonfeld staff with the subject “#BlackLivesMatter.” The body of the email read “it is more important than ever to spread tolerance, acceptance, equality and love.” Apparently, the company’s call to spread tolerance did not extend to its employees adding personal touches to their own email signatures. A week after the email was sent, Meg Popkin was fired after modifying her email signature from …

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