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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about the American Express black card

1 julio, 2021

The American Express card is one of the original credit cards together with Diners Club. (If you’ve heard of the Discover card, they own the Diners Club brand.) As one of the first credit cards, it had no credit limit; it was based on your ability to pay. A late payment would seriously jeopardize your ability to use the card. Just having the card was a status symbol.

That was more than 40 years ago, and to continue its tradition of offering a unique symbol of financial and social status, the company created the American Express Black Card. The exclusive card, also known as the Centurion card, is not its father’s green American Express card. In fact, you cannot request the Centurion. If you qualify, they will let you know. Exclusive may not be the best word to describe having a Centurion card.

Here are 10 things you never knew about this mysterious and rare credit card.

1. It has an initial fee of $ 10,000.

That fee includes a startup fee of $ 7,500 and the low annual fee of $ 2,500. If you’re thinking this is more of an exclusive club than just a credit card, you’re right.

2. Invitation equals approval.

We already know that you cannot request the card, but if you receive an invitation for the card, it means that it is already accepted. He reduces the waiting process to almost zero days. You will have to do some of the expected administrative tasks, and you will have to know where to send the $ 10,000 to get your hands on this proxy card.

3. All customer service is based in the United States.

It really wouldn’t be “American” if you ended up talking to someone in India or Indonesia. It may be wrong to call Centurion card customer service as customer service. It’s more like having a trained personal assistant to address each of your card-related needs.

4. Many of the benefits are related to travel.

You are unlikely to be invited if you use your current American Express card to buy groceries and clothing at Walmart. You obviously have to be making a lot of money to be considered, but it’s a card made for people who aren’t sitting at home like Scrooge. To justify owning a Centurion, you need to go out regularly, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

5. You have to spend a minimum of $ 100,000 a year on the card.

Only card owners know how much your monthly payment is, but you can be sure it’s more than many people earn in one year after taxes. If there is something like a monthly payment on this card.

6. You can have authorized users on the card.

If you have a friend who has the Centurion, you may want to be very nice to him. But even then they aren’t likely to pay the $ 2,500 annual fee in addition to their own $ 2,500 annual fee just to allow you to use the card once or twice a year. It really defines who the card is for: people who spend big and often.

7. There are two versions of the card.

You can get a personal card or, if your company thinks it is worthy enough, there is a commercial version available. It’s hard to imagine who in a company would be trusted enough to walk around with a Centurion card. Maybe they let an employee use one temporarily, or maybe they use the card number, but not much else.

8. There is a rewards program.

This actually seems insane given that you have to be a millionaire to be considered for the card. But this is a money management lesson for those who are not being considered for the card. No matter how much money you have, it makes financial sense to get the most out of your spending habits.

9. Having $ 1 million may not be enough to receive an invitation.

Just because you’ve won the lottery doesn’t mean they’ll consider you. You must also have a high total net worth because, as we know, many lottery winners have spent their winnings in just a few months. This means that the Centurion represents financial stability measured in millions of dollars.

10. You have huge benefits if you fly with Delta.

Many people think of United or American Airlines (or Jet Blue) first when choosing an airline for vacations or travel in general. But American Express has Delta Platinum Medallion status that comes with the card. It makes you think there is something special about Delta, and maybe there is. The few reviews on the card say that this is the biggest benefit that comes with it.

If you are thinking that there is a certain mystery about the American Express Black Card, you are right. The company likes to keep it that way to protect those who actually wear it. For…

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