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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you did not know about the INEOS grenadier

4 julio, 2021

Serious off-roaders, explorers, farm workers, and more require a vehicle that can withstand the shocks offered by the environment in which they operate. Enter the INEOS Grenadier. Built from the ground up, based on an idea conceived in an English pub, the Grenadier is the shining example of what sheer force of will can accomplish. The Grenadier is a compilation of dozens of world-class automakers, all with their sights set on one goal: to create the perfect, versatile utility vehicle. Note that we mention “utility vehicle” and not SUV. That is because it is not an SUV. In fact, there is no SUV that can match the grenadiers’ ability to traverse wicked terrain without even breaking a sweat.

1. What is your purpose?

Just one look at the INEOS Grenadier, and you will notice how it immediately inspires respect. The construction is simple and resolved. In fact, the Grenadier was brought into the world to fulfill a crucial function: to be the best rugged, reliable and reliable utility vehicle on the market. This 4 × 4 is designed to cut through uncompromising terrain and do it with as little effort as possible. There is no sissy here, just determination, pride and function. According to designer Toby Ecuyer, “The Grenadier is built on purpose… Function over form. If it has no function, it should not be part of the form ”.

2. Production models that will hit the showroom in 2021

Grenadier INEOS 1

At the time of writing, designers from Bridgend, South Wales are putting the Grenadier to the test. Prototypes are being tested under stressful conditions, leaving no stone unturned. Do you want a hard mud? Well, the Grenadier will be that machine. Do you want a long-lasting, safe and stable ride to roam the countryside in search of off-road adventures? Well, they’ve got you covered too. The grenadier has to do with the function that exceeds the environment. Prototype testing is going well and INEOS expects production models to be available for purchase in 2021.

3. BMW is called in to design the engine.

BMW is an engineering leader in the automotive world, so it’s no wonder the Grenadier design team called them in for the engine design. While much of the technology is still under development, we know that the engine will be designed to pass strict Euro 6 and Euro 7 emission regulations. You will also be able to choose between the BMW B57 diesel engine or the B58 petrol engine. INEOS is said to be using BMW for its infotainment system as well, but details on this are still few and far between. It remains to be seen if future Grenadier designs will go electric. However, there is a current discussion about the possibility of incorporating hydrogen power cells in future models.

4. MBtech is in charge of engineering the grenadier

Grenadier INEOS 2

While INEOS partnered with BMW Corp. to handle the engine design, it went to MBtech for the overall engineering of the Grenadier. MBtech is a company that offers interested parties engineering solutions for their specific projects. MBtech will reportedly offer more than 200 of its best engineers to tackle the Grenadier design. According to CEO Dirk Heilmann, “This agreement will unite German engineering and British design and entrepreneurship to create a truly formidable all-rounder.”

5. The grenadier is named after a London pub

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is the man who came up with the idea for the Grenadier, and when he did, he was sitting in one of his favorite places: The Grenadier Pub in Belgravia, London. According to an article in the British newspaper The Sun, Ratcliffe was saddened to hear that one of his favorite vehicles, the Land Rover Defender, was being discontinued. He and some friends were reportedly discussing the matter, when Sir Ratcliffe just said, “You know what, guys? Let’s build our own 4 × 4 ”. So, with that said, the birth of the Grenadier INEOS had begun.

6. The INEOS grenadier comes with a “tool belt”

Grenadier INEOS 3

Now, we know what you’re thinking when we mention “tool belt,” an image of that iconic character, Batman. While it is true that he basically made the concept of the tool belt famous, for the grenadier it is something completely different, but not that different. If you take a look at an image of one of the Grenadier prototypes, you will see what looks like a black stripe on each side. Those are the grenadier tool belt or rails. Remember that form follows function with the Grenadier, so those rails have a purpose, and that is to attach your accessories to it. …

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