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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 10 things you didn’t know about Peter Rawlinson

1 julio, 2021

Peter Rawlinson is the current CEO of Lucid Motors. Interestingly, the company is in the process of developing its first electric car, which is something Rawlinson should be very familiar with. After all, he was the chief engineer of the Tesla Model S. Here are 10 things you may or may not have known about Peter Rawlinson.

1. Born in South Wales

Rawlinson was born in South Wales. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this would be the southern part of Wales rather than the middle or northern part. The last two regions are quite rural and quite mountainous. Thanks to this, most of the people in Wales live in South Wales, although the exact ratio can see a great deal of variation depending on how exactly the region is defined.

2. I went to Imperial College London

Later, Rawlinson went to school at Imperial College London, the foundation of which was supported by Prince Albert. He is generally remembered as the husband of Queen Victoria, whose death left her in deep mourning for so long that republicanism gained ground in Britain for a time. However, it is important to note that Prince Albert was a notable supporter of public causes such as abolition and education.

3. He studied Engineering

Interested people are very likely to be able to guess Rawlinson’s topic of study. After all, he was an engineer, so it stands to reason that he studied engineering.

4. Long career in vehicle engineering

Naturally, Rawlinson had a long career as a vehicle engineer before taking the positions for which he is best known to the public. Also, it’s worth mentioning that he had a lot of leadership experience before coming to Tesla. For example, Rawlinson was the chief engineer for Jaguar Cars. Similarly, Rawlinson was the chief engineer for Lotus Cars. On top of that, he was even the Head of Vehicle Engineering for Corus Automotive. Simply put, Rawlinson was a well established figure with a lot of experience in the UK auto industry when he made his way to the USA.

5. Chief Engineer of the Tesla Model S

As mentioned above, Rawlinson was the chief engineer for the Tesla Model S. For those unfamiliar, Tesla’s stated goal was electric cars for the masses. However, he acknowledged that this would not happen immediately, so he would start with an electric sports car for early adopters before moving on to electric versions of more mainstream vehicles. As such, Tesla’s first product was the Tesla Roadster. After which, its initial success was followed by the launch of the Tesla Model S, which was able to further consolidate its position in the chosen market. This can be seen in how it was the first electric car to lead monthly sales in a country. Something that happened in September 2013 in Norway.

6. I was skeptical of electric cars

Rawlinson has stated that he was skeptical of electric cars ( when Tesla contacted him. However, he had an open mind to analyze mathematics and technology, which convinced him that an electric car was really viable. As such, Rawlinson recruited a group of experienced people before joining the project.

7. Feel a sense of deja vu

It is interesting to note that Rawlinson has mentioned feeling a sense of demand vu of late. Essentially, he remembers having to deal with a lot of skepticism when it came to the Tesla Model S, so much so that he was openly asked if he was in cahoots with the Department of Energy at some point. Now, he’s dealing with a lot of skepticism about Lucid Motors, which is particularly surprising because Tesla has become the established player with an established fan base. To some extent, Rawlinson understands the skepticism because there have been many startups in the field that have offered great promise, but not much else. Something that has left an inevitable stain that startups have to fight for.

8. Believe in the need to master the rules before breaking them

Speaking of which, Rawlinson is one of the believers in the need to master the rules before breaking them, which is something that has been expressed by a wide range of people in a wide range of positions. This makes perfect sense. Essentially, breaking the rules is supposed to be a good thing in such contexts. However, it is very easy to break the rules, but it is much more difficult to break the rules in a way that leads to a positive outcome. As such, the people who receive …

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