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5 julio, 2021

The Lexus GX 460 model line has been criticized for not having evolved much in the last 10 years. This raises the question of whether that’s true, or if it’s true that keeping some of the older features is actually better for the buyer. Here we will look at 10 things you need to know and can decide for yourself.

  • All Lexus 460 models (GX 460, GX 460 Premium, and GX 460 Luxury) have the comfort and performance to serve as both on-road and off-road SUVs. To achieve this, Lexus has worked to find a middle ground in its interior and exterior design. Its 7 passenger capacity makes it ideal for those long weekend trips with the family and for having a hard time taking it camping in style.
  • Although it has a capacity of 7 passengers, those 7 people will be packed in an interior less than 6 feet wide. Other models may end up making you feel a bit claustrophobic, but the expansive windshield and styling significantly reduce that feeling. Unsurprisingly, there is also a sunroof to ease any potential anxiety. But cargo space is sacrificed with that design, so don’t expect to pack the kitchen sink on a road trip.
  • The standard V8 engine is often referred to as “no guts.” For the non-technical person, this means that while the engine is powerful, it lacks the ability to accelerate quickly – as the specs show, it goes from 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds. When connecting a boat or trailer to the 460, you will find that climbing hills will affect its performance. But keep in mind that the Lexus 460 is designed for optimal performance on and off-road, so the option of trading a bit of performance in favor of the overall function of the SUV makes sense.
  • Lexus has updated its infotainment system to include Siri Eyes Free as an option. An extension of Apple’s Siri technology, it allows the driver to use voice commands to navigate a mobile device or control the car’s infotainment system hands-free. If you are in a state that has laws against texting while driving, this is an essential option.
  • If you don’t add the Siri Eyes Free option, the size of the touchscreen is 8.0 inches, making it much easier to use than many of the newer models. That said, the age of the interior design shows when trying to read the various information displays on the dash. The bottom line is that it depends on what information is essential for safe and comfortable driving.
  • Lexus’ longstanding reputation for reliability continues in the 460 models. For the price of $ 55,000, you get a vehicle that allows you to drive without worry, and that includes the safety feature of 10 airbags strategically placed around the interior of the car .
  • There is a 23 gallon gas tank, which is needed for its 13/15 MPG rating. Ideally, you can drive about 250 miles on a single tank of gas. But consider traffic and weather conditions, and the likely rise in gas prices, and the ultimate cost of owning a Lexus 460 has the potential to increase by about 9 percent or more.
  • Weighing in at approximately 5,200 pounds, the Lexus 460 requires a minimum stopping distance of 133 feet. If you are carrying a boat or trailer, that distance will be even greater. To make driving safer, there is an optional pre-collision system that warns you of any danger in advance.
  • The exterior features the Lexus “axle grille” that separates all Lexus models from the package. There are LED headlights and the company has redesigned the exterior to give it a fresh new look. That said, the underlying ladder-style frame, transmission, and powertrain are a lot like their older models. It can be seen as a combination of proven old features and a modern new look.
  • There really isn’t a final verdict on the Lexus 460 models because the evidence is that Lexus kept many of the best features of the previous model while undergoing an exterior makeover to make it stylish and attractive to new SUV buyers. Unlike its competitors, it’s up to the task, and few SUVs have the 460’s on-road and off-road capabilities.

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