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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 20 Carl Jung Quotes That Apply To Business

4 julio, 2021

Carl Jung was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who was born in Switzerland in 1875. He is best known as the founder of analytical psychology. His work has influenced many fields of study, including psychiatry, archeology, philosophy, anthropology, religious studies, and literature. This influential man said many things that are inspiring or motivational in many situations. People still use his quotes after his death in Switzerland in 1961. Here are 20 Carl Jung quotes that apply to business.

20. On the satisfaction of overcoming problems

“The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. It is precisely these intense conflicts and their configuration that are needed to produce valuable and lasting results ”.

Almost everyone in business will encounter a variety of problems, ranging from minor problems to major problems. While these issues are likely to make you suffer at the time, the way you overcome them will give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. You can take pride in working your way through a problem and coming out the other side to be successful. If you have not faced and overcome problems, then there is less satisfaction in your achievements. In this sense, it is worth facing some problems along the way.

19. On choosing your own path

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that fits all cases. “

Each person must take their own path in life, and the path they choose if it is their decision. No two paths are the same for individuals. What is right for someone else is not necessarily the right choice for you. When you run a business, many people will want to step in and give their opinions on how you should do things. However, the route you take is your choice, not theirs. Therefore, you must put aside the opinions of others and focus on achieving your goals.

18. On learning from experience

“Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our own blood?”

There is more than one way to learn, and academic learning from books is just one option. Another way to learn is from your past experiences. Without even knowing it, you will have learned many things along the way and can use these experiences to help you in the future.

17. On using your instincts

“The creation of something new is not achieved with the intellect but with the instinct of play that acts out of inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.

Sometimes you must base your decisions on facts, knowledge, and experience. Other times, the decision is not clear and the knowledge will not help. On these occasions, you must trust your instincts. The reliability of your instincts may depend on your experience. Following your instincts is sometimes the only option.

16. On having passion

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of existence is to turn on a light in the darkness of mere being.”

Listed by Brainy Quote, this Carl Jung quote is all about finding something that you are passionate about. Everyone has a passion inside, but something remains inside like an unlit fire. Igniting your passion is a step towards achieving your dreams. It is important to have a career that revolves around something that you are passionate about so that you can enjoy your work and stay motivated.

15. On the implementation of the change

“As any change must begin somewhere, it is the unique individual who will experience and carry it out. In fact, change must start with an individual; It could be any of us. “

When things are going well, you don’t need to make changes. However, if your systems and processes are down or you think they need improvement, you must implement changes. Sometimes people find it difficult to accept change, but change is inevitable in all aspects of life. Do your research properly to find the best solution to the problem and then accept the changes.

14. By accepting your weaknesses

“I am sorry for many follies that arose from my stubbornness; but without that trait, I would not have reached my goal. “

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to identify them. If you know your strengths, you can use them to benefit your business. Also, identifying your weaknesses can help you make improvements. Sometimes even your weaknesses can contribute to your success, as they are an integral part of your personality. For example, you may have an obsessive streak or you may be a stubborn person. In your personal life, you may consider this a weakness. However, in the …

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