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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 20 things you didn’t know about Rachel Carlson

5 julio, 2021

Rachel Romer Carlson is a woman on a mission. She is the co-founder of Guild Education, which Forbes so aptly reported that she just “It skyrocketed to a billion dollar valuation” with its goal of helping workers earn college degrees. Guild was launched four years ago, but companies are aligning with it because they are quickly understanding that the educational benefits they offer to their employees will not only help these workers balance their family life, work and studies, but ultimately , the companies will provide better workers. Carlson has already been able to funnel more than $ 100 million to workers this year in the form of tuition benefits. Guild education has numbers that are staggering. But behind the numbers is Rachel Romer Carlson and it’s good to meet the clear-thinking woman who has changed the way educational opportunities are available.

1. Rachel has two twin daughters named Magnolia and Lily Grace.

Before going on maternity leave before her twins were born, Rachel read aloud a letter to the Guild employees. He told them that he wanted to make sure that all men and women understood that the company respected the full license; even though he might come to the office while he was on leave. I wanted them to know that they shouldn’t limit their own time away from work. She intended for them to see clearly that her “breaking into the office” should not be taken as a sign that they should too. Their twins were born just eight days after the Guild raised another $ 41 million, bringing the total to $ 71 million at the time.

2. Rachel is left-handed.

In a photo taken at the Guild Center offices in Denver on November 30, 2018, she was seen writing on a white board. His captivating smile hints at the pleasure he takes in teaching people about the Guild’s “in-network for everyone” philosophy of empowering low-income workers with benefits designed to support their college education.

3. Rachel is a native of Colorado.

When interviewing InfoQ, Rachel was asked why she chose Denver, Colorado for the Guild headquarters. Guild was first located on the Stanford campus, he replied. He then responded that he knew Denver had an “entrepreneurial spirit” and felt that Denver’s talent pool was “equal to, if not better” than other cities like Denver. Although Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas were initially considered for the location of the headquarters, the search for the correct location turned to Denver. Rachel noted that Denver had an obvious knack for attracting new talent to the Guild. The decision was influenced by the fact that Jessica Rusin was found in Denver. Rachel considered Jessica “the absolute best candidate” for the position of Director of Engineering, and now serves as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Guild.

4. Rachel was born into a family of educators and political leaders.

His father, Chris Romer, is a co-founder of American Honors; which encourages students enrolled in community college to move on to 4-year institutions. Mr. Romer founded the I Have a Dream Foundation in Colorado. Although he is currently the vice president for college associations at the Guild, he is also a former state senator. Rachel’s grandfather, Roy Romer, founded Denver Metropolitan State University in 1965 and served as the 39th Governor of Colorado. Rachel’s grandmother, Bea Romer, raised six children while founding and serving as the director of Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten. Bea had graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in child development. Bea’s sixth child was enrolled in preschool, while Bea was serving as executive director. Rachel credits “talking all the time at the table about education” for giving her the mind and heart of education reform.

5. Rachel worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

He also worked at the White House, spent years working at The Parthenon Group and American Honors. He was in his twenties during those years and spending time at these education companies influenced his thinking and broadened his knowledge base.

6. Rachel’s wish for Guild was for the company to help hundreds of thousands, and perhaps even millions, of students a year.

Her experiences in school and business taught her that many of the nonprofits that help working adults get a higher education are small. These non-profit organizations can support “a few dozen” or perhaps “a few hundred” of …

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