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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 2021 Honda Monkey 125 Mini-Bike becomes the center of attention

4 julio, 2021

Motorcycles may be the epitome of cool, but every once in a while, a novelty appears on the scene to knock that fabulous factor down a notch or two. Such is the case with the Honda Monkey 125 motorcycle, which since the 1960s earned its nickname once users had to assume a primate position to ride it. Primitive stances aside, Honda has bravely released the latest Monkey, which is styled differently. Let’s see what this new version offers.

Monkey celebrates 60 years

It’s timely, especially with the Monkey’s high profile of late, as this year marks the 60th anniversary of its existence. The Monkey has received its share of updates over time, one of which is a 125cc fuel injected engine, a far cry from the 50cc engines that originally graced these motorcycles. That’s enough power to get you up to 65 mph.

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Even with more power, the latest Monkey is still pretty fuel efficient, as you won’t have to endlessly refill the 1.5-gallon gas tank. What’s also useful is a four-speed transmission to get the mini-motorcycle going, as well as 220mm front and 190mm rear disc brakes that make stopping a breeze.

One motorcycle fits all

2021 Honda Monkey driving on gravel surface

Despite its size, the Monkey is still a motorcycle for adults and to make it easier for everyone to get on, the high rise handlebar is height adjustable. And while the tires may look clunky, they are practical because they provide more grip on the road.

For the fancier dudes, the Monkey offers its share of treats to behold, like its round retro dials, round chrome LED headlight, bright LED taillight, and comic-looking logo under the seat. But alas, so far the jumpsuit is only available in blue or red.

Monkeying around

2021 Honda Monkey driving down the street


Of course, this is not a Honda that can rival Kawasaki sports bikes on the track. It also won’t rank with other top-of-the-line Hondas like the Rebel and Super Blackbird. And while the Monkey might be better suited for clowns in a parade, their arcane status hasn’t historically stopped A-listers like John Lennon and Steve McQueen from riding them.

It’s not a Harley, which suits mini-motorcycle advocates quite well, as it’s easier to roll, ride, and even park. And the price tag is also relatively reasonable, just under 4,000 bananas, uhhh… dollars.

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