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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 2021 KTM 890 Adventure R review: first ride

4 julio, 2021

2021 KTM 890 Adventure R

Editor’s rating: 92.5%

Motor 19.0 / 20
Suspension / Handling 15.0 / 15
Transmission / Clutch 8.0 / 10
Brakes 9.0 / 10
Instruments / Controls 4.5 / 5
Ergonomics / Comfort 8.75 / 10
Appearance / Quality 9.5 / 10
Attractive 10/10
Value 8.75 / 10
Overall score 92.5 / 100

In December, I included the KTM 890 Adventure R in our selection of most anticipated motorcycles of 2021. This was a list of the bikes most anticipated by the staff. As I mentioned there, the bike was on my mind because I knew that I would soon have the opportunity to step a leg over it. I mean, how could you not be excited for a motorcycle that is capable of traveling for long days and at the same time being able to tackle the most difficult terrain that you are willing to take on? The likes of Chris Birch and Quinn Cody have shown that the KTM is not likely to be the limiting factor. If you have the talent, the Adventure R will.

the The KTM 790 Adventure R impressed me in Morocco where the stellar performance of the machine helped me get through one of the most rigorous press release tests (watch: fun) I had the opportunity to attend.

Fortunately, the time has finally come to to take a hit on the new and improved 2021 KTM 890 Adventure R. I have already put hundreds of miles (more paved than I would like) on the bike and as before the bike continues to impress. Although we have already published our First look at the 2021 KTM 890 Adventure RLet’s take a moment for a quick rundown of the upgrades that turned the 790 into the 890 Adventure R.

What has changed with the KTM 890 Adventure R 2021?

2021 KTM 890 Adventure R Review

We should probably start with the obvious, and that’s scrolling! The 799’s 799cc LC8c Parallel Twin has been expanded to 889cc with a larger bore of 90.7mm and a stroke of 68.8mm. With that came a higher compression ratio (13.5: 1 versus 12.7: 1), bigger valves, lighter pistons, new connecting rods, and revised cam profiles. Each throttle body receives new sensors to measure manifold pressure and adjust the mixture per cylinder for better throttle response and more accurate throttle inputs. Add it all up and you’ve got a Twin-parallel that KTM claims makes 105 hp and 73.8 lb-ft of torque. Essentially these are the same updates given to the KTM 890 Duke R that we covered in our First glance Y First trip of the KTM 890 Duke R.

2021 KTM 890 Adventure R Review

Moar is moar.

But we’re here to give you unbiased figures, not just what the manufacturer claims. When we lift the big one, er, Middleweight Girl on the dyno, it produced 91.5 hp at 8200 rpm and 63.8 pound-feet of torque at 6800 rpm. If we compare that with our most recent 790 Adventure R dynamometer, we’re seeing an increase of 7.5 horsepower and 6.5 pound-feet of torque. Not too far from KTM’s stated 10 hp 8.9 lb-ft umph increase from the 790 bike. Our dyno guru also suggested that the bike-installed TKC80 could cost a 3% loss in power numbers due to the lack of rubber on the dynamometer roller, which then brings the number even closer to KTM’s increase in powuh.

2021 KTM 890 Adventure R Review

A 90cc increase in displacement, updated transmission and internals, as well as electronics help deliver manageable power, and more.

In addition, the 890 has also undergone transmission changes. An updated Power Assist Clutch (PASC) has new friction plates. Shifting is made faster and easier thanks to a lighter shift retention spring and shorter travel between gears. The fourth, fifth and sixth gears receive a glass bead shot peening treatment to improve reliability.

A lighter subframe and The aluminum head tube are the main changes to the chassis, while the fully adjustable WP XPLOR suspension remains relatively unchanged, aside from a few valve updates in the shock. The low rise 5.3 gallon tank also remains.

2021 KTM 890 Adventure R Review

Look how light that subframe is! I could barely keep it on the ground! Or maybe it was because I forgot to reverse the preload when we initially ventured off-road? Anyway, here’s a fun fact: I was going uphill in this picture.

Upgrades to the rear brake are said to have been made using new “insulated” pistons, which means insulation plates between the pads and pistons for better heat management.

While that all sounds great, there are some changes that we are not happy to see. The MSRP has risen $ 500 to $ 14,199, which, in and of itself, is not terrible, but what you miss …

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