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▷▷ 2021 ▷ 2021 Ohvale GP-2 Review

3 julio, 2021

If you’ve been following the minibike space, you’ve probably heard of the name Ohvale. The Italian company that powers mini road racers has been a hot topic of conversation in racing and circuit circles. We all know that riding big bikes on a race track is a thrill like no other. But it’s also true that riding full-size sports bikes on track days can be quite expensive – up the ante even more if you decide to go for a race. Beyond the cost of the bike itself, you have track day rates, fuel costs, and tire bills. Costs go up even more if you have to travel far from home and find accommodation for a night or two.

Mini bikes, and in this case Ohvale specifically, offer a much more affordable option while delivering many of the same thrills as a large bike. Depending on where you live, go-kart tracks are generally closer than large tracks, entrance fees are tens of dollars rather than hundreds, tires last much longer, and it’s not uncommon to fill up your gas tank early in the day and forget that. Meanwhile, the track experience mimics that of a sports bike – the dynamics and technique you use to go fast on a small bike carry over to the big ones as well.

ohvale gp 2

Ohvale GP0

The Ohvale GP0. Without anything to give you context, it’s hard to understand how small this motorcycle is, but trust me when I say it’s small.

This is the market that Ohvale is tapping into thanks to Brandon Cretu, co-founder of Rise Moto, the American importer of Ohvale. He is a former rider who has competed in several prestigious events such as the Isle of Man TT, the Macau GP, the 24 Hours of LeMans and the 8 Hours of Suzuka, just to name a few. After seeing these little bikes hitting the go-kart tracks in Europe, he knew he had to spread the word in America.

Ohvale’s first offering, the GP0, comes in various shapes and sizes, with individual 110cc, 160cc and 190cc air-cooled engines. All are carbureted and all are available with four-speed gearboxes (there is also a version of the 110 with an automatic gearbox). Surrounding the engine are a steel trellis frame, several different suspension options, and 10-inch wheels fitted with sticky slicks. Continuing on the theme of miniature sports bikes, Ohvale designers studied the geometry of modern sports bikes and replicated sprocket positions, chain drive, travel, and offset numbers to mimic the most modern bikes. large. They also replicated the front and rear weight distribution of 53% / 47% of those bikes.

Wayne maxwell

Australian 2020 Supermotorcycle Champion Wayne Maxwell practicing on a GP0, proving Yours Truly is a wimp.

A simple internet search for Ohvale will bring up numerous stories and videos of racers riding the wheels of these little bikes, sometimes embarrassing people on bigger bikes in the process. What you won’t find is a review of the GP0 at The reason? Well the GP0 is small. A Honda Grom looks like a Gold Wing in comparison, and a lifetime of fooling around in my body means I can’t contort in a GP0 for anything more than a lap or two these days.

Get into GP2, ohvale gp 2

This preamble was necessary to frame what we have here: Ohvale’s next release, the GP2. A bigger mini motorcycle, which may sound a bit silly at first, but Ohvale found that the small dimensions of the GP0 put off many adults, or even those whose bodies have passed puberty. With the GP2, Ohvale has kept the essence, and the engine, of the GP0 and leveraged it in a package that is a bit more comfortable for the average adult. If only.

2021Feb02 OhvaleApex 2299765

With dimensions that are still small, but a little more spacious than the GP0, the new Ohvale GP2 2021 opens the playing field for riders who want something a little bigger.

Visually small and (a bit) less small bikes look almost identical, but going beyond the bodywork (which has also been changed a bit) will show how GP2 grew. First, the steel trellis frame is longer, with 0.5º more steering angle. At the other end, the swingarm is also 25mm longer. As a result, the GP2 grows in length to 63.4 inches (1610 mm) from 57.9 inches (1470 mm).

To accommodate bigger riders, the actual user interface had to grow as well. By that, we mean that the seat itself grew in length to allow a human-sized …

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