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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A buyer’s guide to the Breitling emergency

4 julio, 2021

What makes Breitling Emergency a watch of great importance within the brand? This model is one of the most iconic watches produced by Breitling. We begin to answer the question by explaining that if you were stranded on a desert island, or if you had somehow become the sole survivor of a plane crash in mountainous terrain, far from civilization, this is the most important item you could possibly have. have in your possession. The name Emergency describes your value in any situation where you are lost and isolated from the rest of the world. Whether you are a world traveler or an adventurer, this is a valuable accessory to ensure you have contact with the outside world. While no one plans to get lost, it can happen to anyone. The Breitling Emergency is designed to provide you with an additional safety net while doing so in aesthetically pleasing style. Looks good on the wrist. This watch represents an investment, so it pays to be well informed when setting out to get your own example. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide to help you know what to look for and how to get the best possible deal on a Breitling Emergency watch.

History of the Breitling emergency

The Emergency is a pilot’s watch that was first made in 1995. This would be Breitling’s contribution to the communications problem associated with remote locations. The Emergency has an internal locator beacon and this magnificent technological innovation turned a watch into an emergency rescue signal to call for help. The Emergency was the first watch of its kind to be offered. It was designed by Ernest Schneider, who bought the Breitling company. With an impressive military career, he understood the usefulness of such a device and set out to create technology that could be miniaturized to a size that would fit like a watch complication. The process took years, but it emerged as a clock that could send a beacon to transmit a signal through the international distress frequency. The first models were only sold to military personnel and licensed pilots. When it was opened to the general public, only those who were willing to sign a waiver pledging to avoid false alarms were able to purchase this powerful watch.

There are two versions of Emergency

Before buying a Breitling Emergency, it is important to know that there are two versions on the market. The Emergency II was developed in the mid-2000 era and launched in 2013. The watch had to be checked to confirm changes to the original international distress frequency. The authorities had begun to phase it out. The Emergency II had to be classified by the authorities as an official PLB. This is how he accessed the frequency monitored by international search and rescue programs. Other changes in Emergency II include digital encoding of the new frequency with an improved range and safeguards to reduce false alarms. Although the second version of Emergency is not as accurate and requires a larger battery, it is still revered for its high-performance role as a location signal beacon.

The specifications of the Breitling Emergency II

The latest version of the Emergency is a dual frequency PLB, which is good news for adventurers. The main drawback is that it is a large watch that measures 51mm wide. The advantage of this size is that it is the smallest and slimmest PLB transmitter of its kind. The others are much larger and you don’t get the benefit of counting time.

The case is made of a lightweight titanium material and comes with a matching bracelet. This helps make it more comfortable for smaller wrists. The functions it offers, in addition to the life-saving features, include a date function, an optional 24-hour military-style digital time display, a chronograph, a countdown timer, an alarm and a second time zone. It is easy to operate with a single crown to set the functions. The movement is a high-precision chronometer movement with Breitling SuperQuartz COSC certification.

Breitling Emergency new or used, which is better?

This is a question that depends on your budget and how well you can assess the quality of an expensive high-end watch and specialized electronic design. The Emergency represents an investment, whether you buy it new or used. You can save several thousand dollars on a used model, but it is only a good deal if the watch is in excellent condition and has been properly maintained. Here are some things to consider when deciding to buy a second-hand Breitling Emergency


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