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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A closer look at Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition

5 julio, 2021

Casio has been the Official Watch Partner of the Honda F1 Racing Team for over four years, and proud watchmaker Edifice for 20. This year celebrates both achievements with the launch of the Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition. The EQB-1000HR-1A, as it is known, is an eye-catching piece with a red and black color scheme that is as straightforward as the robust 47.5mm case. If you’re the shy and withdrawn type, you may want to let it slide. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of innovative designs and high-performance technology, you are unlikely to be disappointed. To learn more, read on.

1. The Association

The Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition represents yet another launch in the partnership between Casio and the Honda F1 racing team. Although the world of watchmaking and Formula 1 may seem like separate worlds, the two brands actually have a surprising amount in common. Both are Japan-based companies and both have a reputation for being at the forefront of technological innovations. But the interaction between the two does not end there. While most of us have become guilty of relying on our smartphones to keep track of time, a racing team still relies on the good old fashioned wristwatch, even though telling time is just one of the uses for it. Take the Casio 2018 Scuderia Torro Rosso watch for the pit crew as an example – not only can the watch be used to keep track of time, its Bluetooth and app capability, not to mention its lap timer, they all work together. to feed the racing team with crucial technology – timing is only part of that.

2. The look

The new Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition may be all about high-function tech, but it doesn’t disappoint in the looks department, either. Featuring a color scheme designed to represent the uniform black and red color of Honda F1 crews, some elegant touches of gold to celebrate EDIFICE’s 20th anniversary, an elegant black dial and carbon case, and a red ’20’ on the bezel to commemorate the twentieth anniversary, this is a very attractive watch.

3. Special features

What’s a watch these days without some special little features, especially a watch that has been specifically created as a celebratory piece? In the case of the Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition, there is no shortage of added little jazzy extras, with a lap time recorder and direct toggle app and settings for a timer and alarm clock being just a few of them.

4. Power

Bluetooth capability and some nice little gold flourishes are all well and good, but without a good amount of power propelling its movement, the Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition could say goodbye to its customer base. Fortunately, it is not necessary. The solar energy movement at your heart is operated by a battery that can last a full 5 months without solar charging, with a handy little indicator to show how much battery life is left at the 6 o’clock sub-dial.

5. The size

If you like big watches, you won’t be disappointed with the Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition. Weighing in at a considerable 47.5mm, its stainless steel case stands out strong and proud on the wrist. But if you were concerned that the size of the watch would make it cumbersome or uncomfortable, don’t be. According to (, it still manages to be extremely comfortable on the wrist despite its size, which is probably due to the well-designed curve of the lugs.

6. The appeal

If you thought the Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition was suitable only for fans of speed and fans of Formula One, think again. As rightly points out, while there are enough nods to Honda in the design to keep F1 lovers happy, it’s not so committed to the subject that it loses the interest of people who don’t give a damn who they are. Helmut Marko and Franz Tost, but they just want an affordable, high-performance doll candy to add to their collection.

7. The other limited edition

2020 marks the launch of not one, but two special editions of Casio. Along with the EQB-1000HR-1A, Casio has also released the EQB – 1000HRS-1A in association with TOM’s, the Japanese racing team for which it has been proudly waving the banner since 2013. Both editions share the same functionality, but While the EQB-1000HR-1A is designed in the Honda team colors, the EQB -…

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