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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A closer look at Gorilla Fastback Drift Mirage’s wandering hours

4 julio, 2021

Gorilla is a relatively new watch company. It has only been around since 2016. With only 4 years as an official brand, it’s off to a remarkably good start. Gorilla has recently unveiled a new model that is creating quite a stir in watchmaking circles. The Gorilla Fastback Drift Mirage Wandering Hours is their latest offering. To further familiarize you with this unique and perhaps revolutionary watch, here are 10 things you didn’t know about it, so you are aware of the new sensation.

1. The watch is inspired by Switzerland

Octavio García is the founder of Gorilla. Before launching his own watch company, he served as creative director for Audemars Piguet. He worked for several years in Switzerland and studied product design in the country. In addition to this, the American who hails from Chicago worked with Omega in 1999. He partnered with an industrial designer named Lukas Gopp and Garcia himself has experience with Ralph Lauren Watches and IWC. Their goal is to produce high-quality, reliable and affordable luxury watches.

2. The complication dates back centuries

The wandering hours complication featured in Gorilla Fastback Drift Wandering Hours dates back to the year 1656. The Campanus brothers of Italy created the complication for Pope Alexander XII on a watch that was made for the pontiff. This was the first known use of the wandering hours, followed by a watch made in 1680, now located at Urwerk in Geneva, Switzerland. It has also been used by Audemars Piguet in the early 1990s and more recently by Gorilla with its first use in the 2018 Fastback GT Mirage.

3. The movement is imported

The movement has been produced for the Gorilla company exclusively by Manufacture Vaucher, known for its expensive movement and complication components. It is an ETA 2824 modified with the G-5238 errant hour module with errant hour functions. The manual and automatic winding style with 25 jewels beating at a speed of 28,800 vph. The diameter of the movement is 25.6 mm. The power reserve is 38 hours.

4. It is a large clock

The case is made of powder blue ceramic, anodized aluminum and forged carbon materials. The case back is made of engraved titanium. The width of the case is 44mm, but when you factor in the crown protectors, it pushes 48.5mm. Measures 57mm distance between terminals and terminals with a depth of 13.9mm.

5. The dial is interesting

One of the most striking aspects of this watch is the unique stylization of the dial. The base plate is hand milled with satellites and the dial in aluminum material and a hand beveled bracket for the satellites. Appearance is a real talking point and not its traditional presentation, but this is what makes the Gorilla Fastback Drift so special.

6. It is readable in the dark.

The satellite and minute sections have been treated with luminescent material to give the watch high readability in all types of lighting environments. Gorilla has applied Black Super-Lumi Nova to these two sections to improve readability and present the time with a warm glow when it’s dark outside.

7. The Gorilla Fastback Drift Mirage Wandering Hours is easy to read in bright light.

Although it is important to be able to read the time in darker conditions, it is also important to be able to read it during the day. Often times, the glare from bright lights can make it difficult to read a watch face, and the sparkles can also be harsh on the eyes when the sun is terribly bright. Gorilla took care of this problem by treating the front and back of the watch with a protective cover of sapphire crystals. Each one is treated with double anti-reflective coating. This reduces and often eliminates glare and glare from raw glass.

8. The Gorilla Fastback Drift Mirage Wandering Hours is inspired by racing.

Just as the previous GT edition of this watch nodded to the Ford GT 40 that won at Le Mans, the 2020 edition continues the tradition. This is a new model within the Fastback collection. Continue with the blue and orange color theme to say well done to Ford. It features a new “chassis” that is clearly an indication of time in language and presentation that race car drivers can truly appreciate.

9. Some other notable features

It is important to note that the Gorilla Fastback Drift Mirage Wandering Hours is only rated at a water resistant depth of 100 meters. This is 330 feet. It means that it can be used for diving, swimming, showering and other shallow water activities. Not recommended for deep dives. The strap is made of Viton in two …

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