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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A closer look at the 2002 Ferrari F60 Enzo

5 julio, 2021

In 2002, Ferrari did it again; plan another car that would eventually drain the pockets of millionaires. This time, it was the 2002 Ferrari F60 Enzo in the pipeline. As is the case with all other Ferrari sports cars, its presentation was something few could hope for. The shape and interior design of this classic set the pace for its price, even before you could see the features. To create the necessary void when it comes to Ferrari design cars, the company only produced 399 Enzos. In fact, not everyone had the opportunity to purchase an Enzo as expected. All 399 cars were designed and sold prior to production. All the cars were built and sold in Maralleno and only 8 of the 399 were black.

First owners

This Ferrari model was not designed for racing. That said, he still enjoyed a high-profile property. The 399 models that were produced in 2004 were previously sold to invited customers. An invitation was sent to people who owned models F40 and F50. At the time of manufacture, the 2002 Ferrari F60 Enzo was selling for $ 659,330. However, Ferrari sought to create a name for the car by donating one of the Ferraris to the Vatican charity. The car that was later sold by the Vatican for $ 1.1 million at auction is among the most expensive Enzos available today. That specific Enzo later sold for $ 6 million, the highest amount the Enzo has ever sold for. The other Enzo who has enjoyed public attention was owned by boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The Mayweather Enzo was later sold at auction for $ 3.3 million.

Although it did not participate in any racing events, the Enzo remains one of the most sought after millennial classic Ferraris. Most 2002 Ferrari F60 Enzos that were not owned by public figures have not sold for more than $ 2 million. Since only 8 of the 399 Enzos produced were black, demand for the black Enzo is at an all-time high and prices for the black Enzo continue to rise.

About the motor

Like all other previous models, the Enzo was equipped with a powerful engine. This car features most of Ferrari’s Formula 1 technology, including carbon ceramic disc brakes. The car featured a 6.0-liter V12 engine with a variable exhaust valve. The Enzo is one of today’s fastest cars with acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

About the design

The 2002 Ferrari F60 Enzo was designed by Ken Okuyama, who was chief designer at the time. The car was announced in 2002 at the Paris Motor Show, but had an acclaimed limited production of just 399 units. Official production began in 2003 and the final car was produced in 2004. Car number 400 was a special donation to the Vatican charity. During design development, three mules were created. The M1, M2 and M3 had the same body of a 348, which had been replaced by the mid-engined V8 sports car. The third mule managed to be sold at auction along with the 400th Enzo in 2005, priced at $ 236,300 at the time.

Suspension, gearbox and brakes

The Enzo was equipped with the Fi transmission (semi-automatic transmission) and a gearbox shift indicator located right on the steering wheel for easy gear shifting. The car used paddles to control an automated clutch mechanism. The high-performance gearbox enjoys a maximum shift time of just 250 milliseconds. The transmission used in the 2002 Ferrari F60 Enzo was the first generation design of the 1990s. Although some people enjoy the ‘Clutchless’ transmission, there have been several complaints about the abrupt shift. The Enzo also enjoys four-wheel independent suspension with powered shock absorbers. The Enzo enjoyed sturdy 19-inch wheels with 15-1nch disc brakes. The wheels are fastened with a nut and are equipped with a bridge stone.


The reason most classic cars sell at high prices is their prestigious history. For example, some of the more expensive Ferraris like the 1967 GT are sold at record prices due to their achievements on the track. However, the Enzos don’t have that much history to brag about. The Enzo has only been awarded for being among the best cars on the road and not on the track. In 2004, an American magazine, The Sports Car International, named the 2002 Ferrari F60 Enzo third on the list of the best cars of the 2000s. The American Motor Trend Classic …

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