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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A closer look at the $ 26,000 Jordan 4 Eminem x Carhartt

6 julio, 2021

In 2015, hip-hop legend Eminem partnered with Nike and Jordan Brand to release Jordan 4 Eminem x Carhartt, a celebratory tribute to the 15th anniversary of Eminem’s groundbreaking third studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP. The milestone in musical history found its perfect match in the sneaker, which, since its release, has become as popular as the album itself … although undoubtedly much more expensive.

Eminem and Nike’s love story

The Detroit-born rapper is one of Nike’s most devoted fans – if you catch him without a pair attached to his feet, there’s a 99% chance that he’s in bed or in the bathroom. His love for the brand has led to some of the most coveted Air Jordan releases of all time: the EMINEM x Air Jordan 4 “Encore,” the AJII “Way I Am” and the Jordan 4 Eminem x Carhartt. The Air Jordan 4 “Encore” represented one of the earliest celebrity collaborations for Air Jordan, but by no means the last. Since “Encore,” the brand had recruited the likes of Vashtie Kola (the first female contributor), the Portland Undertow art trio, British artist Dave White, Don C, Craig Stecyk, Macklemore, Lance Mountain and Nicki Minaj to help keep their retro offerings popular and add some hype (and value) to their limited edition runs.

The first launch

The 2015 Jordan 4 Eminem x Carhartt wasn’t the first collaboration between Eminem and Nike. In 2005, the Detroit rapper teamed up with the brand to create the EMINEM x Air Jordan 4. On that occasion, the special edition blue, red and black sneakers were a tribute to Encore, the singer’s fifth studio album released. the previous November 12. year. The shoes were released in a limited edition, and when we say limited, we mean LIMITED. The whole world and his mother may have wanted a pair, but only 50 of Eminem’s inner circle actually got one. Fortunately for sneaker lovers, some of those friends and family clearly prefer cash to shoes; Although rare, from time to time you may see a used pair of sneakers appear on eBay. If you do, grab them quickly, they are unlikely to stick around. As a heads up though, don’t expect to get a lot of change from $ 25,000. If you have cash to spend and can’t bear the thought of sneakers that have touched someone else’s toes, you might even be lucky enough to find a couple of babies fresh out of the box, like new. He cautioned, the last time a pair was available, it was retailed at a bank price of $ 70,000.

The new edition of 2015

By 2015, neither Eminem’s nor Nike’s popularity had diminished. The perfect time, then, for a reworking of his 2005 classic. This time Carhartt joined the mix, the American apparel company known for its robust collection of workwear and for sharing the same Michigan origin as Eminem, born in Detroit.


Simple in design, the shoe featured a color palette of black, white and chrome. Adding some interest to the monochrome scheme was Em’s hockey mask and the backwards “E” on the heel. Dual Carhartt and Jordan branding appears behind the tongue, while Eminem branding appears on the sole. Chrome eyelets, silver highlights, leather interiors, a Slim Shady Records logo insole and a complete Carhartt black leather upper completed the look.

The auction

The long-awaited sneakers were launched once again in limited edition … but this time, they were available to the public. According to SoleCollector, 333 pairs of the coveted shoes are rumored to have been made. 333 is believed to be a homage to the Detroit area code. Of these, 10 were launched exclusively through eBay, with all proceeds from the sale going to Eminem’s chosen charity, the Marshall Mathers Foundation, a worthy endeavor providing assistance to underprivileged and at-risk children in Detroit and their homes. surroundings. After a couple of false starts and delays (apparently caused by the need for Eminem’s team to brace itself for “higher-than-anticipated demand,” the shoes finally hit eBay in mid-November 2015. While the tender was open to international bidders, only those who had gone through a prequalification process were allowed to participate.

Despite the high asking price, sneaker fans and Eminem dug deep, searching behind their couches for the last pennies that would allow them to secure a pair of sturdy black beauties. On average, bids for the …

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