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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A closer look at the Oak & Oscar Jackson curling clock

5 julio, 2021

We often see a large number of time pieces used to commemorate achievements and other unique moments in history, allowing for a collective treasure that will tell a story for all generations. While most mark an important milestone for the company itself, we have found a one-of-a-kind watch that is meant to celebrate the gold medal of the United States men’s curling team that competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics. In this article, let’s take a closer look at the Oak & Oscar Jackson Curling watch that has meant a lot to the team and its history. Let us begin.

The story behind the time piece

Obviously, as we said before, this watch is meant to commemorate the great achievements of the US men’s curling team when they achieved a gold medal in PyeongChang. However, the idea for the watch was created by the team itself, who wanted to show their appreciation for their coach, Phill Drobnick. The team reached out to Oak & Oscar founder Chase Fancher, who helped develop the one-of-a-kind Jackson chronograph we’re looking at. The United States men’s curling team could have easily walked into any watch company to find a gift for their coach, but they knew they had to commemorate such an iconic and historic moment for many years to come, and as we’ll see later in In the article, this time piece is full of surprising features and nuances that make it truly unique.

oak 06 A closer look at the Oak & Oscar Jackson curling clock

Basic makeup

As we said before, this unique watch has the simplistic Jackson chronograph that is quite familiar from the Oak & Oscar company. The gray dial of the Jackson chronograph itself is wrapped in 40mm stainless steel on this particular watch, and it also features a flyback chronograph movement that is manually loaded. The chronograph movement itself is the Eterna Caliber 3916M. While the watch that was created for Drobnick has the gray dial, the Jackson chronograph can also be featured with a blue dial when other variations are observed through the watch company. All in all, this Oak & Oscar Jackson chronograph appears to be like any other when it comes to movement and sophistication, that’s until we look at the unique features that make this watch such a commemorative and amazing piece to celebrate such a storied history. Olympic moment.

The memorable details

It’s clear from looking at the clock that Fancher took his time to add a host of nuances throughout the time piece to remember that gold-winning match that took place. The first is the uniquely placed curling stone that rests just above the Oak & Oscar insignia on the dial. Just below that signature are also the words “Gold 2018”; This same idea is reiterated on the back of the case, where collectors will find the date 02/24/2018 engraved, and it marks the day the gold-winning curling match between the US and Sweden took place. To complete all of these iconic details, Oak & Oscar also worked with the best leather suppliers in the country to develop a unique red, white and blue Horween leather strap for the bracelet. Collectors will also be able to receive a personalized watch wallet made of the same leather as the watch.

oak 05 A closer look at the Oak & Oscar Jackson curling clock

There’s nothing like seeing all your hard work and dedication to the sport of curling pay off, especially when it comes to a historic golden victory for the United States. It’s even more rewarding when the team chooses to personally thank and celebrate their coach for leading them to such an iconic victory with a unique Jackson chronograph. With all the subtle nuances and features found within the watch, let you never forget that gold medal curling match. This has been our closer look at the curling Oak & Oscar Jackson Chronograph 2018 watch. If you want to learn more about this watch, or also about the Jackson chronograph, you can find everything you need on the Oak & Oscar company website. .

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