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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A guide to the Rolex Jubilee bracelet

4 julio, 2021

Rolex has been at the pinnacle of watchmaking since the early 1900s. Some might even argue that Rolex has perfected the craft. Every watch that leaves the manufacturing plant has been meticulously created by hand, with all the attention of the work put into refined details. While most watch fans look for perfection at the heart of the watch: the case, the bezel, the dial and the small intricate details of the mechanisms. But perhaps some of the most important parts of a watch are the parts that hold them together: the bracelet.

Rolex 300 watch bands

Watch bracelets can come in a number of different styles. Today, Rolex offers 6 different bracelet styles, and each of these bracelets has an ornate history that has become intertwined with the history of the luxury watch company. Some of these stories are as old as 8 decades or more. Rolex takes its bracelets as seriously as its watch cases. After all, the bracelet covers the wrist more than any other part of the watch. The bracelets have to be comfortable and perfectly balanced in terms of size and weight. Rolex has been able to achieve that in all of its bracelet designs, and that is why fans and industry experts have always been intrigued by the brand of these bracelets. One of those bracelets that has attracted the fascination of the entire watch industry is the Rolex Jubilee bracelet. While all Rolex bracelets are special in their own way, there is something extra special about the Jubilee. It may be less popular than the famous Oyster bracelet. But the Jubilee is its own gem, and this guide will explore the reasons why.

Jubilee History 600

The Rolex Jubilee bracelet made its debut in 1945 to celebrate Rolex’s 40th anniversary. Rolex fans know that when the company launches commemorative products, they are usually something special. Designed to accompany Rolex’s Datejust line, the Jubilee bracelet has seen many other watch cases since then. Considered by Rolex as the classic watch of reference, the Datejust is an elegant wristwatch that combines very well with the Jubilee. In fact, the Datejust was the first watch in history to display the date at the 3 o’clock position through a window. The innovation of the Datejust combined with the new design of the Jubilee made this watch particularly impressive. Over the years, Rolex has improved the design and functionality of the Jubilee. Originally a solid gold bracelet, the Jubilee evolved to have steel and two-tone variants. In the 1950s, Rolex released the President bracelet, which ended up surpassing the Jubilee as the premier bracelet of choice. Although that may have been the case, Rolex used the Jubilee in some of the professional models, including the GMT-Master. These days, the Jubilee comes in all kinds of metal options except platinum and full gold. After a short break from wearing the bracelet, Rolex is once again offering the Jubilee today on some of the GMT-Master IIs.

Jubilee design

One of the model’s most iconic styles, the Datejust 41 flaunts the Jubilee like no other. The Jubilee remains the flagship bracelet in the entire Datejust series even today. The two-tone design and fluted bezel add luxuries to the Jubilee’s ultra-comfortable branding. No one can really know how the Jubilee feels on the wrist other than the wearer. But if we could get through looks alone, the Jubilee definitely takes the cake.

Although the Jubilee has come in a variety of Rolex models since its launch, the bracelet itself hasn’t changed much. There have been minor refinements to the design, but the original Rolex design of the Jubilee was made to withstand the test of time. In fact, all the rigorous tests that a watch goes through at the Rolex plant also apply to the bracelet. The real genius in the Jubilee design is the fact that the original design is still relevant today. More than 75 years later, the Jubilee remains visibly the same as it was in 1945. That alone is an achievement in both engineering and design for Rolex. The Rolex Jubilee bracelet can be simply described as the bridge between the sporty Oyster and the elegant President. The Jubilee ranks right between the other types of Rolex bracelets, making it far more versatile than either of the other two more popular bracelets. Both the Oyster and President bracelets have a different set of links that make them look heavier than the Jubilee. There is a certain finesse in the design of the Jubilee that makes it a favorite for us.


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