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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A guide to your American Express Premier Rewards Gold card

4 julio, 2021

American Express has many great card options that can appeal to different people. Some may say that the Premier Rewards Gold card has been overshadowed by better cards, and that may very well be true. But it just so happens that the Premier Rewards Gold card still has a number of unique rewards that are still relevant and attractive; they should not be ignored or taken for granted.

While this card may benefit most people, it might be more attractive to those looking for a card that allows transferable membership reward points. This feature isn’t particularly easy to find, and it so happens that this humble American Express has the upper hand. With the Premier Rewards Gold card, you can transfer the points you have accumulated from everyday purchases and from certain bonus categories. This credit card may have a substantial annual fee for some, but it also has the same substantial amount of benefits. You should also know that the annual fee of $ 195 does not apply for the first year. Also, remember that while $ 195 might be more than what other cards would charge, other American Express cards charge twice or more that amount. The annual fee for Amex Business Platinum is $ 450 and for Personal Amex Platinum, it costs $ 550.


New applicants for the Premier Rewards Gold card can earn a large number of points right from the start. If a new cardholder spends $ 2,000 within the first three months of card activation, they will automatically earn 25,000 membership reward points. This translates to roughly $ 475. There is also the possibility of getting even more rewards, up to 50,000 Members Rewards points, after spending the same amount of money. This amount of points alone equals $ 950 in welcome bonuses, almost half of what you are spending to get started.

The Premier Rewards Gold card is also capped in any of its bonus categories. This just means more rewards for you, as you can earn two or three times the points on each and every eligible purchase. There is absolutely no cash value limit.

There are three different earning ratings that are equivalent to the applicable purchases. Starting at the top, if you use the Premier Rewards Gold card to book flights directly with the airline, you will earn three times your Membership Rewards points. This means that you will have to skip Expedia and Priceline when planning your getaway. This benefit is equivalent to around 5.7% return, something that is not so bad considering the breadth of this card.

Then when you use your card at US restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets, you’ll earn double Membership Rewards points. To get a 3.8% return, you shouldn’t hesitate to use your card every time you go out to dinner or get gas. This can add up quite quickly, especially if you eat a lot or drive a lot. For families, it can also be quite useful for grocery shopping. If you have a lot of grocery shopping, your Premier Rewards Gold Card will also accumulate points quickly. The only downside to this bond is the fact that it only applies to the US market. You will not get double points internationally.

Finally, you get a Membership Rewards point for using your Premier Rewards Gold card to buy everything else. No matter what you buy, you will continue to accumulate points.

Rewards and benefits

Here comes the best part of this card and possibly the reason to get it or keep one if you already have it: transferability. All the Membership Rewards points you have earned by using your Premier Rewards Gold card can be transferred to 20 different travel partners or redeemed for airfare and hotel costs through the Amex travel department. Most suggest transferring partners, however, to get the most out of your points.

These travel partners include some fairly familiar company names like Delta SkyMiles, JetBlue TrueBlue, Hilton Honors, Air France / KLM Flying Blue, and Emirates Skywards, among a few others.

In addition to this feature, the Premier Rewards Gold card will also provide you with the following:

  • $ 100 Annual Airline Credit
  • 2x points when booking a stay through the Amex Hotel Collection
  • Luggage insurance

All in all, the Premier Rewards Gold card isn’t just a pick-up and throw-away card. The more you use this card, the more you understand its benefits, especially for the avid traveler. You’ll love the flexibility of this card more than anything, and since it’s so easy …

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