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▷▷ 2021 ▷ A traveler’s guide to the best beaches in Montego Bay

5 julio, 2021

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s party town. With its electric nightlife, lively vibe, culture, and music, this is the place to have a good time. Thanks to its fabulous selection of beaches, it is also the place to go if you want to enjoy the island’s holy trinity of sun, sea and sand. Some of the beaches are as lively as the rest of the area. Others are as quiet as a dream. Regardless of how your tastes go, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit you in our guide to the best beaches in Montego Bay.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

As Viator writes, with its massive expanse of pristine soft sand, warm turquoise waters, and idyllic location, Doctor’s Cave is by far the most popular beach in Montego Bay. Sometimes it gets a bit crowded, but it’s all part of the attraction. Although you will have to pay a small entrance fee, you will get a lot in return, including a well-stocked beach bar, plenty of loungers and umbrellas, and scrupulously clean bathrooms.

Belvedere Beach

Walk just 100 yards from downtown Montego Bay and you will arrive at Belvedere Beach, a gloriously quiet beach with crystal white sand. Although the amenities are limited, you will find everything you need close by. With its laid-back vibe, stunning views, and glorious tranquility, it’s a great place to head if you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter than some of Montego Bay’s larger beaches.

Montego Beach

You can’t visit Montego Bay without spending at least one afternoon at its most talked about hangout, Montego Beach. With plenty of amenities, water sports, and activities, this isn’t the kind of place to head for a super relaxing, super laid-back day at the beach. However, it is the ideal place to experience the famous Montego Bay atmosphere. Even without all the fun and games on offer, it’s still a stunning beach, with clear, warm waters and sugar-white sand.

One Man Beach

One Man Beach (or the old Old Hospital Park Beach, to give it its official name) is lively, popular, and a lot of fun. There is never a dull moment here – if you want to be entertained while sipping your Piña Colada and admiring the ocean views, this is the place to go. Despite being one of Montego Bay’s most popular beach hangouts, it never seems too crowded, even when a cruise arrives for the day. If you want to combine a great deal of relaxation with a lot of fun this is ideal.

Dead end beach

Dead End Beach might not sound like much, but don’t be fooled. Despite its unpromising name, the beach is actually a delight, with sparkling waters and crystal clear sands. If you are looking to avoid the crowds it is ideal, even during peak season it is still gloriously quiet and peaceful.

Dump beach

Rated by as one of the best beaches in Montego Bay, Dump Up Beach has a lot more to recommend than just a nifty name. The beach was created in the mid-1970s as the result of an expansion project: as the name suggests, it rests on a part of the city that has been poured out. Since admission is free, it is a favorite with the locals, who tend to use the beach more as a soccer field than anything else. Fun, lively, and with great opportunities for water sports, it’s a must-see part of the Montego Bay experience. Time your visit well and you might even be lucky enough to attend one of the music concerts or events that are regularly held in the arena. Although there are no restrooms on the beach itself, there are many facilities in the nearby area.

Mahee Bay Beach

Serene, calm, and blessed with all the white sand and turquoise waters you could want, Mahee Bay Beach stands in stark contrast to some of the busier beaches in Montego’s Bay, and is so much better for her. Amenities are limited, but you’re within walking distance of the city center if you suddenly need a snack or a bath.

Walter Fletcher Beach

With its carefree, laid-back vibe, abundance of shaded areas, and rows of rainbow-colored umbrellas, Walter Fletcher has all the makings of a great beach. Its proximity to the port makes it a popular destination with the cruise ship brigade, but it rarely gets so crowded that it feels overwhelming. If you have kids, it’s a must – while some of Montego Bay’s other popular beaches are a bit too adult-oriented for those under 18, Walter Fletcher Beach has a distinctly family-friendly vibe, with plenty of go-karts, water slides and other activities to participate in. For added peace of mind, a life preserver …

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