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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Automotive wiring colors

3 julio, 2021

Despite popular belief, there are no standard wiring colors for every wire in a car. Wire color details depend on the make, model and even year of the specific vehicle under consideration. The best way to determine how to know the proper wiring colors is to learn the basics of reading a car’s electrical diagram.

automotive wiring automotive electrical wire color code

Electrical Symbols – Automotive Wire Colors

A basic electrical diagram has four symbols. These symbols represent the switch, battery, resistor, and ground. Additional symbols represent variable battery source and case ground. Advanced diagrams will also indicate amps and circuit path. These symbols are universal and memorizing them or having a copy handy is the best way to ensure that you are looking for the correct information.

ORN symbols: automotive electrical wire color code

Within advanced electrical diagrams, a symbol represents the size and color of the wire. This symbol, ORN, will let you know which wire color to look for. ORN codes are usually printed in full color spellings for those with four or fewer letters, such as BLUE, or as an easy-to-understand abbreviation, such as BLCK.

Color Symbols – Automotive Color Abbreviation

Another way the diagrams include wire color is by using a two letter code. The first letter is the main color of the wire and the second letter represents the stripes. For example, a wire marked GR would be green with a red stripe.

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