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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Buyer’s guide to get vegan sneakers

5 julio, 2021

The vegan lifestyle encompasses a wide range of considerations. Being vegan is not just about your diet, it also includes a careful selection of the products you wear and the clothes you wear down to the footwear. Finding truly vegan sneakers can be quite a challenge. Not all shoes that are advertised as vegan are authentic. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you know how to find authentic vegan shoes and how to differentiate the counterfeits that disreputable companies try to pass off as genuine items. Here you have everything you need to know to identify and purchase vegan shoes.

What are vegan sneakers?

The term vegan means that no animals were harmed in the creation of the product that is included in this category. It applies to the materials and manufacturing processes involved in producing the end result. When it comes to sneakers, you won’t find a vegan leather upper sneaker because leather is made from tanned animal skin. According to OluKai, vegan sneakers are made from materials that do not correlate with animals. They are made from 100% synthetic fabrics and leather alternatives.

The benefits of vegan sneakers

Vegan slippers are not made at the expense of an animal’s life. There are no inhumane practices for the collection of hides or skins. The processes for creating vegan sneakers are usually more environmentally friendly. They leave a lower carbon footprint, which means that they are a better alternative for the earth and all its inhabitants. Another advantage of vegan sneakers is that they tend to be less expensive than footwear that is made from real leather. By wearing vegan footwear, you are doing your part to help improve the health of the planet for everyone.

How to identify vegan shoes

Vegan Kicks offers some tips on how to make sure the shoes you buy are truly vegan. It starts with understanding the differences between vegan and animal-based materials. When you read product descriptions or speak with a sales representative, you can learn a lot about the components of the shoes. Some sneakers are labeled “vegan leather.” Check out our vegan materials list to familiarize yourself with materials that do not contain animal components.

Vegan leather

Vegan leather is made from a variety of different materials. The first materials of this type were made of polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride, both plastics. They are still in use and qualify as vegan, however there are better options that are better for the environment than these plastics.

Vegan material made from plants

Bio-based polyurethane comes from the refined starch of feed corn that is inedible. Synthetic leather is waterproof, breathable, lighter than animal leather, and durable. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable with no known drawbacks.

Pineapple leather

Pineapple leather is also marketed under the name Pinatex. The material is made from the leaves of pineapple plants. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable because it is made from discarded pineapple leaves. It is recycled material from plant waste that reduces landfill. Synthetic leather is breathable and lightweight, however it must be created with a petroleum-based resin that is not completely biodegradable. It still qualifies as vegan.

Natural and recycled rubber

Rubber is a natural product that grows on rubber trees. It is ecological and sustainable. Rubber can also be recycled and further disposed of waste. It is commonly used to make shoe soles or for rubber boots.


Cork is a plant material that is breathable, antibacterial and completely biodegradable. It is a safe and healthy option used to make the sole of a shoe. It is a sustainable source that is safe and healthy, but cork has a distinctive visual appearance that is not only appropriate for some styles of footwear.


Microfiber can be made from natural or synthetic fibers including nylon, polyurethane, and others. it is similar to suede. It is breathable, light and soft. Although it is vegan, it can be harmful to the environment by causing contamination of the tiny threads that are not biodegradable.


Goretex is a vegan material that is breathable, lightweight, soft, windproof, and waterproof. It is made of partially sustainable and synthetic materials.

Waxed canvas

The waxed canvas is made of cotton or canvas fabric and processed with beeswax or paraffin. Some waxed canvases are vegan and some are not. It is sustainable, waterproof and durable, …

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