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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Can a used key fob be reprogrammed in a different car?

3 julio, 2021

Key fobs, also known as electronic car keys, are standard for new vehicles these days. These handy tools allow you to unlock your car, open the trunk, or even remotely start the engine. Faster than using a standard key with the added benefit of having a panic button, we rely on key fobs for added convenience and security on our daily commutes.

But what if something goes wrong with the keychain? It may not work properly, lose the signal, or need a replacement. Can the key fob be reprogrammed to reconnect with the car? Can it be reprogrammed to work with a different car?

The short answer is yes. But it may not always work as well as you expect. Here, we break down exactly how to reprogram your keychain, when it’s best to spend money on a pro, and some tips and tricks to make this process easier.

Steps to reprogram your keychain

Here is a general guide to reprogramming your keychain. This works for the vast majority of cars on the market. However, there may be an exception with your specific type of vehicle, so it’s worth taking the time to double-check to make sure yours isn’t unique. Check your car manual or online manual to verify this. These steps should work for reprogramming in a different car as long as the key fob works the same way. For example, you cannot reprogram your key fob to a car that was never set to begin with.

  • Step one: new batteries

Install fresh batteries before reprogramming your keychain. Loss of power in the middle of reprogramming could cause problems.

  • Step two: get into the car and turn on the ignition

Get in the driver’s seat with your key ring and car keys, if they are separated. Close all doors during this process. Anyway, you don’t want to get fired. Turn on the ignition so that all electrical aspects of the car are on, but do not start the engine.

  • Step three: turn the ignition on and off

With the key still in the car’s ignition, press the lock button on the key fob. Then turn the car key so the car turns off completely. Now, turn the electrical system back on, but again, don’t start the engine. Once again, press the lock button on the key fob and turn the car off. Repeat this one more time, so that you’ve done it three times in total. The purpose behind this is for your car to recognize that it is your key in the ignition and your key fob by locking the car. These data are saved.

  • Step four: programming mode

After this process, you should hear a locking sound. This means that your vehicle has entered programming mode. Press the lock button on your keychain immediately after the beep to make sure the programming is successful. You will want to do this in five seconds. Also, if you have more key fobs you want to program, press the lock button on them too within 10 seconds of the lock sound. This should program them all accurately.

  • Step five: remove the key

If all of this has gone well so far, remove the key from the ignition. This will end the programming process.

Get out of your vehicle and close all doors. Now test the lock and unlock functions, open the trunk and start the engine, if it applies to your key fob. Be careful not to lock yourself up.

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If this doesn’t work the first time, try it a second time. It could be that you didn’t have time or something just didn’t register correctly. But if you continue to have problems, your vehicle or key fob could be atypical. In that case, you will need to consult a professional.

Hiring a professional

If following the steps above does not work, you will need to see a professional to have it reprogrammed. Cost and labor will vary based on your particular situation and where you live, but here is a general guide on what to expect.

Completely replacing your keychain could cost up to $ 100 for the product itself, but could be more, depending on how it’s made. A more expensive keychain comes with an added bonus. That means it will be much, much harder to get into your car because it is more unique. A simple rescheduling may be free at an auto shop, but they will most likely charge you for your work. This shouldn’t take more than an hour.

Dealerships, auto shops, and auto locksmiths should have access to the machines necessary to reprogram key fobs, going beyond the normal steps you would take to …

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