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3 julio, 2021

by Brianna Collins

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With a business history dating back to the 1880s, Caterpillar was an industrial machinery, tractor and engine company with more than 80 years of engine manufacturing experience when it launched the 3304 engine in 2009. This heavy duty industrial engine runs on natural gas instead of diesel fuel.

General engineering

This 2009 inline four-stroke cycle engine has a maximum stopping power of 95, a bore per stroke of 4.8 inches by 6.0 inches, and a displacement of 425 cubic inches. It also features rich-combustion combustion, a hydro-mechanical governor, and a power density of 17.6 pounds per bhp. It has an oxygen rating of 2.0 percent.


While the 2009 Caterpillar 3304 is rated at 95hp at 100% workload, it is rated at 71hp when the workload is reduced to 75%. It has an exhaust stack temperature of 1,018 degrees Fahrenheit at 100 percent load and 984 degrees at 75 percent. In addition, it has an engine speed of 1,800 revolutions per minute and a fuel consumption of 7,567 BTUs per bhp-hour at 100 percent load and 7,842 at 75 percent.


The 3304 engine measures 45.60 inches long, 29.28 inches wide, 46.11 inches high, and has a dry weight of 1,670 pounds. It also has a 4.2 gallon liner water capacity, an 8.3 gallon lube oil system refill, and a 250 hour oil change interval.

Standard equipment

Additional standard equipment for the 3304 includes an air cleaner with a rain cap, a gear-driven jack water pump, an Altronic V ignition system, and an instrumentation service gauge. Other standard specifications include an oil cooler, oil filler and dipstick, mounting system motor mounts, and a lockout protection system for added security. Comes with a Cat Yellow paint job.

Optional specs

Optional features for the Caterpillar 3304 include a battery charging system, an ammeter, a positive locking control system, an expansion tank, and a radiator. Other optional specs such as fan, fan drive, silencers to reduce noise, wiring harness, auxiliary pump, flywheel short shaft, air pressure regulator, battery cables, and tool kit corresponding are available for an additional charge.

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