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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Custom refrigerators that can qualify as art

6 julio, 2021

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the adage couldn’t be more true in this case. When SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana came together to build an appliance, the result was a high-end luxury collection of FAB28 SMEG refrigerators designed under the direct supervision of Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.

The collection is limited to one hundred pieces, each depicting the patterns and scenes associated with the country’s beloved puppet theater, as well as the brilliant gypsy decoration of ancient Sicilian horse-drawn carriages. In addition to the fresh look, Dolce and Gabbana Smeg refrigerators can conveniently and efficiently keep your food fresh at a staggering price of $ 34,000.

We decided to make a list of five most unique and eye-catching refrigerators.

Meneghini custom wooden fridge freezer

Meneghini custom wooden fridge freezer

This is a custom made solid ash cabinet consisting of a freezer and fridge on one side and a temperature controlled pantry on the other where you can keep butter, fruits and vegetables fresh. There is an optional extra accessory built into the fridge, which can be anything, including a flat-screen TV, microwave, or coffee maker. At a whopping $ 40,000, this is an NBA player’s wife’s dream refrigerator – not for food, but simply for display.

Super smart refrigerators: Jenn-air luxury series built-in refrigerators

Jenn-air luxury series

These are designed with customizable interiors and come in several different models, 42 inches and 48 inches wide. Some have beautiful stainless steel finishes, but others require decorative panels or custom wood and handles that you must purchase separately. Features include: full-width dairy bin, adjustable door bins, precision temperature control system with variable speed compressor, electronic control center, and many others. However, the most amazing feature of the Jenn Air fridges are the sensors that allow them to determine when they are most likely to be used, for example at lunch or dinner time. Their ability to memorize and control the defrost cycle also allows them to keep food fresher for longer. Base price ranges from $ 5,800 to $ 7,700.

Triple Fridge Freezer (John Lewis Side-by-Side Wine Cooler)

John Lewis side by side

The main features include:

  • A refrigerator and freezer, plus high-tech storage for up to one hundred bottles of wine;
  • Dual controls in the wine section, allowing you to keep your champagne on the bottom and red wine on the top, both at the ideal temperature;
  • Integrated glass with protective barrier that prevents ultraviolet and infrared rays from ruining your Sancerre;

The freezer is designed with “quick freeze” technology, which is supposed to keep food fresher, while the refrigerator comes with extra-large salad drawers, all at an average cost of $ 7,600.

American style AGA A SXS

American style AGA

This is a fridge freezer that resembles traditional Aga cuisine to the core, including the iconic model insignia and outdated handles, which means it is perfectly compatible with farmhouse-style kitchens. It has a “vacation” function that allows you to turn off the refrigerator while the freezer is on, as well as a filtered water system with child lock.

At $ 4,000, this is the perfect refrigerator for anyone with young children. Its massive storage (557 liters) also makes it ideal for hosting parties, providing you with an endless supply of drinks.

Side by Side Panasonic Fridge Freezer

Side by Side Panasonic Fridge Freezer

The main features include:

  • LED flashing lights in the fruit and vegetable sections, which simulate the natural green and blue tones of the sun, activating the natural defenses of fruits and vegetables to prevent loss of vitamins.
  • A series of sensors that scan the contents to determine how much is stored inside the refrigerator and then select the lowest possible energy level to save you money.
  • The company’s Hygiene Active technology that uses air circulation and air filters to destroy 99.9% of germs.
  • At a base price of $ 3,600 and 530 liters of storage, this should be every celebrity’s dream refrigerator.

Bottom line

An increasing number of people want to upgrade their refrigerators to a more modern style, and there has been constant corporate action in the refrigerator market over the …

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