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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Detroit Diesel Series 6V92 engine specifications

3 julio, 2021

by Tim McQuade

Jupiterimages / / Getty Images

The Detroit Diesel 6V92, also known as the 6V-92, was a heavy duty diesel engine. The name of the engine revealed certain information about the engine itself. The “6V” referred to the number of cylinders and the formation of the cylinders: a six-cylinder V-6 design. The “92” refers to the cubic inch displacement of each cylinder.


The 6V-92 had the model number 8063-7000. The turbocharged 6V-92T was model number 8064-7300. The 6V-92 had a total piston displacement of 552 cubic inches, or 9 liters. Total engine power was 277 horsepower at 2,100 rpm; Maximum torque output from the engine was 957 foot-pounds at 1,300 rpm. The bore per stroke was 4.84 by 5 inches and the compression ratio was 19 to 1. The 6V-92 was a naturally aspirated, non-turbocharged two-stroke engine.


The engine featured a 12-volt, 62-amp battery charging generator that used alternating current. The starter motor used a high-performance 12-volt battery with an overdrive clutch. The oil pan ran at 20 degrees and had a rear pan, and the oil lube filter was full flow. The injector system was a cam operated clean type unit tip. The engine also featured a speed limit regulator. The exhaust manifold was flanged and had a vertical center outlet. The engine used a 28-inch fan that had six blades. The flywheel and flywheel housing were SAE No. 1. The fuel distribution system featured a disposable spin-on filter with flexible fuel lines and a strainer.

Dimensions and weight

The engine measures 41 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 47 inches high. The total dry weight, without any liquid, was 1,960 pounds.

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