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▷▷ 2021 ▷ George Lucas net worth is $ 5.3 billion (updated for 2020)

6 julio, 2021

When you think of George Lucas, you probably automatically think of the Star Wars movie franchise. If you think about it a bit more, other companies may also come to mind. For example, he came up with the Indiana Jones franchise, as well as other movies. Lucas is not just a filmmaker, although he is clearly responsible for some of the most iconic films of all time. He is also an entrepreneur. Recently, it was revealed that he has a net worth of $ 5.3 billion. That’s enough to make practically anyone look at that number over and over again, probably thinking they read it wrong the first few times. If you’re wondering how it’s humanly possible to achieve a net worth like this, you might be surprised how it all happened.

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Net worth $ 5.3 billion
Name George Walton Lucas Jr.
Age 75
Was born Modesto, California
Date of birth May 14, 1944
Richness’ fountain American filmmaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur
Country USA

As you probably know by now, Lucas sold his rights to the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises to Disney a few years ago. The moment it happened, the news surprised most fans because he always seemed to be so invested in everything when it came to these two movie franchises. As a result, people didn’t really expect him to agree to sell the rights to any of them to anyone else. However, he chose to do exactly that. Plus, that decision means that you basically have nothing to say about what happens in the franchise, now or anytime in the future.

If you’re wondering what all of this has to do with your net worth, it’s directly related to him. In fact, despite all the money he’s made over the years through Star Wars and Indiana Jones, the overwhelming majority of his current net worth is due to his decision to sell the rights to both franchises to Disney. To obtain those rights, the company paid a whopping $ 4.05 billion, which is the vast majority of the money Lucas now has.

As for the rest, it is mainly due to the money he makes from his company, Industrial Light & Magic, as well as from other Lucasfilm projects. Believe it or not, some of that money is left from royalties and merchandise that was sold in connection with Star Wars and Indiana Jones before it was sold to Disney. One thing is for sure, this is a man who is definitely not hurting for money. Thanks to your entrepreneurial efforts, you also have the two aforementioned companies that you can still use to earn money in the future. Perhaps his decision to sell the rights to his most famous movie franchises was the right decision after all, financially at least.

That said, many die-hard Star Wars and Indiana Jones fans still worry about what will ultimately happen to these franchises now that they are in the hands of someone else who doesn’t necessarily share the same vision that Lucas had when he started. they. The fact that so many movies are added to both franchises is enough to excite and tire many fans at the same time. Regardless of what happens to either franchise, Lucas himself isn’t going to make a dime from any of it. That was part of the deal when he sold it all to Disney. However, it certainly doesn’t stop you from going out and finding something else to work on. Who knows, it could eventually come up with something that one day rivals one or even both movie franchises in popularity.

What is truly remarkable about George Lucas is that he is able to come up with original, interesting, and interwoven ideas in a way that allows fans to identify with the characters that come to him. There is no doubt that he is creative. That means your net worth will likely increase as you continue to create more projects in the future. While it’s hard for anyone who truly loves Star Wars or Indiana Jones to think of falling in love with a different franchise that has nothing to do with either of these, it could happen, especially if George Lucas is at the helm.

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