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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Goodbye! The bikes that go in 2021

5 julio, 2021

It’s always exciting to see the new crop of new models launch, but while the Euro 5 emissions rules of 2021 mean there are a host of updates this year, they also sign the death knell for some old favorites that will soon fade from showrooms forever.

It’s hard to argue with the logic behind the stricter emissions rules, and Euro 5 has proven once again that the world’s motorcycle designers are a smart bunch when it comes to making motorcycles more efficient than ever, while also adding more performance, smoother power delivery and improvement. answer. But for some motorcycles, complying with those new rules is simply not feasible without a large investment that manufacturers cannot hope to recoup in sales.

These are some of the most important models that we will discard in 2021.

Although Euro 5 is in force since 1S t January 2021, ‘end of series’ rules mean that manufacturers have up to two years to liquidate unsold stock, so motorcycles can still be sold new while they remain. But if you want a new example of any of the machines mentioned below, you’d better get moving before they run out.

2021 discontinued motorcycles euro 5_02

Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré

In general, the Yamaha model range is one of the most modern on the market, but there are still quite a few machines that are not being adjusted to comply with Euro 5 and will therefore disappear from dealers in the coming months.

Given the endless dominance of the BMW R1250GS In motorcycle markets across Europe, the Super Ténéré makes perfect sense for Yamaha on paper. A 1199cc twin-cylinder, axle-drive adventure bike, it revived the ‘Super Ténéré’ name that was steeped in history from the old 1989-96 XTZ750 model, and when launched in 2010 it was on par with the BMW GS in the spec sheet.

You might have thought he would be a great salesperson. In reality, however, Yamaha learned that BMW GS buyers weren’t just looking for none great adventure, even if it was a good one, they wanted BMWs, and while the Super Ténéré it was close to spec, it really needed to have a commanding edge to sway potential buyers in bulk.

A decade later, the Super Ténéré’s 110 hp power and its high curb weight of 265 kg mean that it is lagging behind the latest GS in terms of performance, and the lack of updates over the years means that its technology is also far behind. It’s barely cheaper than the BMW, which makes selling the Super Ténéré in 2020 an unenviable undertaking.

Since Yamaha never used Super Ténéré’s custom parallel twin engine in any other model, there is no incentive to upgrade the design for Euro 5, and Super Ténéré sales alone are not worth the expense.

The small I have 700 It shows that Yamaha is more than capable of making a winning adventure bike, so while the Super Ténéré name is disappearing from the market again, in Europe at least, don’t rule out the possibility that it may one day return.

2021 discontinued motorcycles euro 5_03

Yamaha FJR1300A

Once upon a time every self-respecting manufacturer had a grand tourer in their range, combining massive power with all-day comfort and handling that didn’t leave you wallowing in every corner. There is a reason this type of motorcycle is popular with the police.

Now, the fickle tastes of buyers mean these motorcycles are a rarity. Yamaha FJR1300A It is one of the last of its kind, and in 2021 it will be phased out from European markets, including the UK.

2021 actually marks the 20thth anniversary of the launch of the FJR1300, and although it has had updates over the years, the basics have not changed since then. A 144hp 1289cc four driveshaft and alloy beam frame made it a strong rival for models like the Pan-European Honda, Kawasaki GTR1400 and BMW K1200GT, but all those bikes are gone and Yamaha is doing the same. The FJR1300AE Ultimate Edition marks the end of the model’s life and at £ 17,647 it’s actually £ 200 cheaper than the FJR1300AE it’s based on.

The long-lasting legacy of the FJR may turn out to be the automatic clutch and ‘YCCS’ semi-automatic push button transmission that was offered on the 2006 FJR1300AS, a technology that still seems quite futuristic even now.

2021 discontinued motorcycles euro 5_04

Yamaha YZF-R6

the Yamaha r6 has been one of the last men …

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