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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Guaranteed approval credit cards with $ 1000 limits for bad credit

1 julio, 2021

If you’re looking for a guaranteed approval credit card with a $ 1000 limit, there’s bad news: Unless you have an excellent credit rating, you’ll have a hard time finding what you’re looking for. For starters, no credit card issuer offers guaranteed approval – even high-risk options that don’t do a credit check will ask you to prove your income, age, and employment status. Second, getting a $ 1000 credit limit with bad credit is a challenge in itself, especially if you are looking for an unsecured card. One of the best (and only) ways to fix the problem is to look at the secured cards; Not only do they offer the best chances of acceptance, but they often extend lines of credit up to $ 1000 and up (although you keep in mind the amount of credit you receive is generally equal to the amount of the security deposit you deposit). While we do not promise guaranteed acceptance or a $ 1000 credit limit, the following options will be your best bet for both.

1. Total Visa Card

First, we have the Total Visa credit card, which is on the list thanks to its almost guaranteed acceptance; Even if you don’t have a credit history, your application will have a good chance of getting accepted. Your credit limit will be determined by the amount of security deposit you make (if you want $ 1000, you will need to make sure your deposit is of equivalent value), but there are a few things to consider before signing up. First of all, Total Visa has one of the most unfavorable APRs on the market (29.99%) and you will need to commit to an upfront initial fee of $ 89, an annual fee of $ 79, and a monthly fee of $ 6.25. from the second year. While this may seem excessive, if you have no options, the card will at least allow you the opportunity to improve your credit rating before moving on to more favorable alternatives.

2. Visa credit card secured by OpenSky

Next, we have the secured Visa credit card from OpenSky. Unlike most cards, this one doesn’t do a credit check before offering acceptance; you only need to prove your age, income and employment status. As long as you are 18 or older and have enough regular income to cover the $ 200 minimum security deposit and $ 35 annual fee, you are almost guaranteed acceptance. As the card reports to the three major credit bureaus, it is a good option for those looking to build or repair their credit. Note that as a secured card, you will need to deposit a security deposit of $ 1000 if you want to enjoy the equivalent in purchasing power.

3. Guaranteed Green Dot Primor Visa Gold Credit Card

The Green Dot Primor Visa Gold Secured Credit Card is a valuable addition to our list for a number of reasons. First, it offers a line of credit of between $ 200 and $ 5000, depending on the amount of your initial security deposit. Second, it offers a very reasonable 9.99% fixed interest rate on purchases, with no penalties or hidden fees. Third, it informs the three main credit bureaus and offers you the opportunity to strengthen your credit through responsible financial management. Lastly, there is no minimum credit score requirement – whether you have no credit or poor credit, your chances of success are (almost) guaranteed.

4. First Progress Platinum Prestige Secured Mastercard

First Progress Platinum Prestige Secured Mastercard has some useful features that are well worth a look. Its main advantage is its acceptance rate: it does not require a minimum credit score and will consider your application even if you have no credit history. Your line of credit is secured by a fully refundable deposit of $ 200 – $ 2,000. As soon as you’ve paid the deposit, you’ll have access to benefits such as 24/7 online account access, the option to pay your balance and get your deposit returned anytime, worldwide acceptance, and a excellent variable annual percentage rate of only 10.74%.

5. Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

The main benefits of the Wells Fargo secured credit card include: a line of credit equal to the amount of your security deposit; the option to upgrade to an unsecured credit card if you demonstrate responsible credit card use; Car rental collision damage waiver; emergency card replacement; road clearance; …

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