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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Here’s why Teslas don’t come with a spare tire

6 julio, 2021

Tesla build some of the most prestigious cars currently available. Many of them are in the works. They have many innovative, advanced, and even revolutionary features, such as sentinel mode.

However, they lack certain aspects that traditional vehicles have. One of those aspects? A spare tire. That’s right, Tesla lacks a feature that cars have had for decades. There are several reasons for this decision: practicality, weight, lack of use, free roadside assistance, and inefficient workmanship.

In any case, Tesla has a solid foundation for not including an entry-level vehicle in its models, and surprisingly, drivers don’t seem to mind the lack of a spare tire, nor do they seem to need one in the event of a flat tire. Furthermore, Tesla’s decision has proven to be practical and successful enough that other automakers appear to be following the trend.

Read on to learn more about why Tesla no longer includes a spare tire on each of its vehicles.

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Spare tires are rarely used anymore

boy changing tires on the road
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The truth is that spare tires are not used as much as they used to be. Many automakers chose to follow Tesla’s lead for this very reason. About 85% of the time, when a vehicle’s life cycle is over, the spare tire and included tools accompany the vehicle to the junkyard without ever having been used. With that in mind, Tesla decided it wasn’t worth including a spare tire for just 15% of its drivers.

Tesla thought this was an unworthy investment. Instead of a spare tire, there is a program called TPMS in most modern vehicles that lets drivers know when tire pressure is low in time to drive to a tire repair shop, which decreases the similarity of flat tires. However, many drivers are not very satisfied with driver assistance programs like TPMS.

Additionally, Tesla equips its vehicle tires with noise-reducing and sound-dampening foam permanently bonded to the inside of the tread surface. This reduces cavity resonance and road noise, but as a downside, smaller tire shops lack the proper training and supplies to properly patch or repair Tesla tires. Keep in mind Up to 20% of the raw material and labor costs of the tires are invested in replacement tires, which makes the process quite expensive.

On top of that, the spare tires take up space that could be used for more space in the cabin or on the engine. After all, part of the appeal of the Tesla Model 3 is its efficient use of cargo space. Finally, the weight of the spare tire literally pulls the vehicle down, so without a spare tire, a vehicle can accelerate down the road much faster.

$ 230 is the standard repair price

Man changing tires in store

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Tesla tires are also quite expensive to repair, starting at $ 230. This is partly due to the aforementioned foam on the tires which ends up incidentally deterring smaller shops from making repairs.

Most Costco stores will repair Tesla tires for $ 230 each, with a $ 70 discount if all four tires are purchased. However, beware of the additional labor charge of $ 20 per tire.

Another alternative is Tesla’s mobile service, which charges $ 230 per tire plus $ 55 for labor on each tire. Tesla’s mobile service is also more likely to fix the tire on the spot and fix it with less delay, although they lack the equipment for the alignment so they just do the balancing.

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A spare tire kit is offered at an exorbitant price

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If drivers prefer to have a set of spare tires, then one is available. It just has a really exorbitant price. The Tesla store has a tire repair and inflation kit designed for temporary on-road tire repairs, but the The Model S / X / 3 Tire Repair Kit costs between $ 280 and $ 370.

The good news is that this tire repair kit is made specifically for the Tesla Model 3 and is compatible with …

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