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▷▷ 2021 ▷ History and conception of the Mercedes Pullman

4 julio, 2021

George Mortimer Pullman was an entrepreneur who set out to create a sleeper for train travel. His career as a hotelier led him to notice the crowded and uncomfortable conditions that travelers face when traveling overnight by train. He decided to develop a railway sleeper that would contain the blankets, comfortable cushions and space that travelers only had in the past if they took these things with them on their travels. His Pioneer sleeper was patented in 1868, and from then on his dream of creating a revolution in rail travel came true.

pullman mercedes: the best mercedes ever

Thousands of people chose to pay much more to ride their Pullman cars; then he was praised “the largest hotel in the world.” Pullman Palace Car Company took its luxurious design and brought spaciousness and comfort to automakers. Pullman built the bodies for the exclusive vehicles. The Pullman coach became synonymous with luxury of the highest quality. Pullman vehicle bodies were designed with a much longer wheelbase than other automobiles. This allowed Mercedes-Benz to develop vehicles with two or more rows of seats and four to six windows and doors. This allowed room for a chauffeur to drive for wealthy owners, and this has been standard to this day.

Although the production runs have ended and new ones have begun, the Pullman Saloon’s wheelbase has been maintained. Some newer series were created with armor to protect dignitaries. The concept of a significantly longer wheelbase remains the basis for every subsequent series. As special anniversaries have come and gone, the company has released newer versions of its Pullman salons. The increased wheelbase has provided options for these vehicles to be used as mobile conference offices. Two recent models that maintain the Pullman tradition are the 2015 and 201b Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman vehicles.


Original Specifications: Mercedes Pulman

The 600 series was much larger than anything Mercedes had previously produced. Not only were they longer, but they weighed much more and had hydraulically actuated amenities. All of these things combined needed extra power, so the company developed a V8 engine that could do twice as much. It included a Bosch designed for fuel injection pump.

The hydraulics were used to provide power to the automatic doors, the windows, the trunk lid, the seats and the sunroof. Ride quality and handling were improved and standardized with an air suspension system that was adjustable. Passengers can enjoy smoother rides on almost any road.

The 600 variations produced between 1963 and 1981 were unified by common specifications:

  • Front-mounted V8 engine
  • Sequential fuel injection
  • 29.6 US gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Water cooling system
  • Rear-wheel drive four-speed automatic gearbox with 3.23: 1 axle ratio
  • 12 volt electrical system
  • Maximum power at rpm: 250 hp at 4000
  • Maximum torque at rpm: 500 Nm at 2800
  • Power assisted disc brakes front and rear
  • Recirculating ball power steering
  • Unibody, sheet steel construction
  • Dry weight: 5,700 pounds to 6,110 pounds, depending on model
  • Wheelbase: 130 inches to 150 inches
  • Length: 215 to 246 inches
  • Top speeds: 127.3 mph to 120 mph
  • Hydraulic system operates at 3,200 psi with mineral oil lubricant
  • Original price: $ 22,000 to $ 24,000

Costs: mercedes pullman limousine

The 1963-1981 Mercedes-Benz 600 is the only production with a no-cost plan. Although the original price was in the $ 22,000 range, current values ​​exceed it by more than four times. Scheduled maintenance costs can cost as much as a newer, smaller car. When someone decides to fully restore one, it can cost in the seven figure range. The 600s are considered uniquely artistic constructions. They work well, with quiet interiors, and passengers enjoy the utmost in luxury. The price at this level means nothing … a mere bag of shells.

The 2016 Mercedes-Maybach Pullman costs approximately $ 566,922. Have:

  • A V12 engine
  • Horsepower @ rpm: 523
  • Torque at rpm: 612 to 1900
  • Displacement: 5980 cc
  • A time from 0 to 60 estimated at 7 seconds
  • An estimated top speed of 155 mph


Famous owners: mercedes pull man

The Mercedes Pullman has been owned by the creators …

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