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▷▷ 2021 ▷ History and evolution of the Mercedes S550

5 julio, 2021

The Mercedes S550 is part of the outstanding S-Class of cars that the company has produced for several years. Regarding the S550, also known as the Cabriolet, the car has been in production since 2007. Although it hasn’t been that long, the car has become the standard by which everything else in its class is measured. That’s because every aspect of this car is special. From the interior and exterior to the way the car operates, everything is bathed in luxury. The car also incorporates some of the newest and most innovative technologies that you are likely to see in any vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer in question. If you want to know more about the history of this excellent car, you can find out how it has evolved by reading the rest of this article.

2007-2011 Mercedes S550

2007 Mercedes S550 History and evolution of the Mercedes S550

This is a car that could produce 382 horsepower and was capable of getting a respectable 24 miles per gallon on the highway. Even when driving almost exclusively in the city, it could still handle around 16 miles per gallon. While that is not the highest mileage in the world, you have to remember that this is a large, heavy car that has a large engine capable of producing a lot of horsepower. When combined with the seven-speed transmission, the car is responsive and can accelerate easily. Of course, it also incorporated the best in interior luxury that was available at the time.

2012-2013 Mercedes S550

2012 Mercedes S550 History and evolution of the Mercedes S550

The 2012 model year represented the first time that Mercedes changed the exterior appearance of the car. This time around, it proved to be sleeker with a more aerodynamic approach. The nose was slanted unlike the previous geometric appearance. It also sported a smaller engine, but was capable of producing more horsepower, at 429. This also allowed the car to offer an improved level of performance and get better fuel economy than its predecessors. It was capable of 25 miles per gallon on the highway and 15 miles per gallon in the city. The car also received a number of updates to its infotainment package, as well as a few minor adjustments to the interior.

2014-2015 Mercedes S550

2014 Mercedes S550 History and evolution of the Mercedes S550

Power was increased again in 2014, this time to 449. Also, the exterior body style was changed again. This time around, they actually went back to the original exterior design, as the more aerodynamic version that was produced from 2012 to 2013 had proven quite unpopular with drivers. For the most part, they preferred the other body style because it was more traditional. The body style will be updated again the following year.

2016-2018 Mercedes S550

2016 Mercedes S550 History and evolution of the Mercedes S550

Starting in 2016, various changes were made to the car. The exterior has been completely improved, as has the interior. The engine has also been changed and drivers can now choose between a more compliant version that provides 362 horsepower or a more aggressive version that has a whopping 621 horsepower, providing more than enough power to take the driver virtually anywhere. place they want to go in style. The car is again more aerodynamic and this time it seems to be better received by the drivers. Perhaps the biggest difference is on the inside. Although Mercedes has always been the very definition of luxury, this car is one of a kind. It has heated seats, more legroom in the rear, and the rear seats even recline. Those seated in the back can also take advantage of the tables that fold out, allowing them a place to leave their belongings. There is even a small refrigerator in the back of the car.

It seems that Mercedes has really thought of everything, especially when it comes to the newer models of the S550. This is a luxurious and fast car. It handles almost smoothly and responds immediately when the driver steps on the accelerator. Meanwhile, anyone traveling in this car will know what it feels like to experience a level of luxury that most people are never lucky enough to experience first-hand. This is a car that has always been at the forefront of many things, luxury, performance, and technology, to name a few. As it has evolved, it has proven to have great staying power and continues to impress even the most demanding of people.

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