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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Honda’s extended warranty includes some beneficial advantages

6 julio, 2021

When you drive your new vehicle off the dealer lot, you are protected by a manufacturer’s warranty that expires after a few years or a certain number of miles. But you can extend coverage by purchasing an extended warranty. Also known as a vehicle service contract or vehicle protection plan, this type of warranty is available when your vehicle’s defense-to-defense warranty ends.
Honda’s extended service is called Honda Care and is available for new and used vehicles, such as a Honda Accord or Honda CR-V, as well as non-Honda vehicles. The service is aimed at drivers who want to cut costs when it comes to expensive repairs and maintenance. Check out our Honda Care review to see if it’s worth considering.

What is included

Honda Care offers four levels of coverage, depending on the type of vehicle you own. This includes New Vehicle Coverage, Used Vehicle Coverage, Certified Additional Coverage, and Powertrain Coverage (Used Vehicle Only). A Honda Care service contract can cover a vehicle for up to eight years or 120,000 miles.

The extended auto manufacturer warranty provides more support and coverage than the original vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties, as long as you follow the Honda recommended maintenance schedule. You must buy Honda Care before the bumper-to-bumper warranty expires, which is three years or 36,000 miles.

The new, used, and certified add-on coverage plans cover costly repairs for nearly all components, while the Powertrain plan covers essential powertrain components.

Additionally, you have the option to purchase Honda Care Sentinel and Honda Care Sentinel 3/45, which cover routine oil changes and offer a few other benefits.

Component coverage

Honda Care component coverage is fairly comprehensive, reducing and / or eliminating repair costs. Extended warranty plans don’t cover everything, but they do provide protection for most parts of your vehicle.

Specifically, the new, used, and certified additional coverage plans cover the following: powertrain (engine, transmission, differential, and axles), electronics (computers, electronics, and electrical system), chassis (suspension, steering, and brakes). ), heating / cooling and accessories (audio and communication devices, navigation and security systems).

The powertrain plan covers vital components such as the engine, front and rear drive axle, transmission, seals, gaskets, and fluids.

Service for any of the four plans must be performed at an authorized Honda Care service center.

Added benefits

Similar to some third-party extended warranties, Honda Care has some additional perks that make it quite attractive. This includes 24-hour roadside assistance that provides towing, tire change, fuel delivery and lockout services.

The automaker’s concierge service assists in emergency situations with things like cash advances, insurance claims, airline ticket assistance, shipping of personal replacement items, and more.

Additionally, Honda will reimburse car rental expenses up to $ 35 per day for up to six days if your vehicle requires any covered repairs and you need a vehicle during that time period.

Honda Care also provides trip interruption benefits if you are more than 100 miles from home and your vehicle experiences a mechanical failure (accidents and other road problems are not included). Meals and lodging are covered up to $ 100 per day for up to three days.

Lastly, Honda Care can transfer once to a private party if you decide to sell your vehicle before the extended warranty expires. You will receive a full refund if you cancel Honda Care within 60 days and no services have been provided. The contract is then prorated for time and mileage.

What is NOT included

Honda’s warranty excludes items such as wiper blades, batteries, cables, belts, hoses, exhaust system, catalytic converter, brake drums / rotors and shoes / pads, mirror glass, body parts, bumpers, lenses, fuses , exterior trim, wheel covers, window handles, upholstery, carpets, tires and seat belts.

Also, it only covers Genuine Honda Parts. So if you, a local shop, or other facility uses non-manufacturer parts, chances are …

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