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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How do you detect a fake Patek Philippe watch?

4 julio, 2021

When you see a ‘Patek Philippe’ watch with a $ 200 price tag, neon pink dial, plastic case, and clunky bezel, you don’t have to be a watch expert to know you’re seeing a fake. Unfortunately, not all counterfeits are that easy to spot. As each year passes, the counterfeiters seem to get smarter and smarter and their counterfeits become more and more realistic. Distinguishing the difference between a real Patek Philippe and a fake Patek Philippe has gone from being something anyone with their eyes in their head could do into an art form. But if you’re smart with your process and diligent with your details, it’s still almost manageable. All you need is a few little tips …

Low prices equate to high risks

If you are looking for a Patek Philippe, it is fair to assume that you know a little about the brand. At the very least, you will know that it makes luxury Swiss watches, that it is considered one of the best watchmakers in the world, and that it has a history and reputation that goes back more than 175 years. You will also know that none of that is cheap. If you want a Patek Philippe watch, you can’t just show up at Walmart with a pocket full of dimes and order one at the counter (well, you can, but it won’t get you very far). Patek Philippe watches come with waiting lists that last for years. They also come with price tags with more zeros than you thought possible. Which means if someone offers you the latest model right here, right now, with no waiting list, no prior association, and no need to pay for anything more than what you have in your wallet right now, you should probably move as fast as you can in the opposite direction. As your mother always told you, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Wise words. It is quite easy to check the average prices on the internet, so go for it. And if someone offers you a watch at an unbeatable price, think twice. Patek Philippe does not specialize in unbeatable prices. It specializes in unbeatable watches. And unfortunately, the two are rarely compatible.

Inspect the goods

As says, never buy a watch until you have inspected every square inch. A Patek Philippe watch is perfection personified. There shouldn’t be a single jarring feature, a single misstep, nothing. Before handing over a single penny, place the watch under a lens and inspect it for any small imperfections that may give away the game. Remember: counterfeiters are smart. They will not try to get you to part with $ 20,000 if there is something obviously wrong with the clock. Any clue will be small, but it will be there. You may just need a little time and a good eye to find it. When completing your inspection, be sure to verify the following:


As The Real Real points out, Patek Philippe watches are made in proportions that depend on movement, complications, and case size. Those proportions are perfect. If the dial looks too big for the bracelet, if the bezel looks awkward against the case, if there’s something that looks even a little off, then whatever you’re looking at is not a Patek Philippe. Take the time to study the numbers and letters – they should be as sharp and clean as a new sheet of paper. Unless it is a skeletonized model, the tourbillon and balance wheels on the dial should not be visible. Check out what the dial protects – every modern Patek Philippe should have a sapphire crystal case back. If the model is supposed to have a luminescent coating on the hands, check it in low light. If your hands don’t light up like a Christmas tree, you’re looking at a fake.


As comments, real Patek Philippe watches will be made of stainless steel, platinum or 18k gold. They should have a weight to them – if the watch feels flimsy, it is an indication that it is made from lower quality materials. The bracelets will be made of 18 karat gold or platinum; straps must be made of steel, leather, or composite material. A Calatrava Cross and Patek Philippe stamp should be printed on the bottom, as should the watch’s model number. The buckles must display the brand’s logo, while the folding clasps must bear the Calatrava cross

Check the serial number

Unless it is a very old watch, the watch should display a unique reference number and a generic model number on the back of the case. If the watch has a display case back, the numbers will be engraved around the edge. Once…

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