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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How do you pronounce Patek Philippe?

5 julio, 2021

Patek Philippe is a Swiss luxury watchmaker. The company has been in business since 1839, initially starting out as a watchmaker. They have established a solid reputation for designing high-quality unique watches with a name associated with prestige and value. It is one of the oldest watch companies on the planet. Although it changed hands in 1932, its production history remains unbroken. Patek Philippe is also known for its internal movements and complicated mechanical watches. There is even a Patek Philippe Museum located in his hometown of Geneva, Switzerland, according to Wikipedia. A rare Patek Philippe watch titled Henry Graves Supercomplication sold for $ 31.9 million. The brand holds the record for selling the most expensive pocket watch at $ 24 million. Although it is a name that is known all over the world, there are still doubts about how to pronounce the name.

Everyone has their own opinion on how to pronounce Patek Philippe

We deduce that since the name Patek Philippe originates from Geneva, Switzerland, it must certainly be pronounced with a French accent. We discovered our first attempt by the good folks at Hodinkee, a website dedicated to the more thorough analysis and inspection of high-quality watch brands. John Reardon took his chance to pronounce Patek Philippe in a YouTube recording. Interestingly, some have simply divided the name into an endearing term or nickname “Empanadas.” This simplifies the need for proper pronunciation for some, but it doesn’t solve the dilemma of how to say the words without looking to feel a bit silly when you’re wrong. Hodinkee’s vote is for the French pronunciation of Pah -tek Fil-eep, although there was no indication that this is absolutely correct. It was pending that there is a possibility that it is not one hundred percent correct. We found this to be a hilarious situation and a confirmation that even experts will occasionally say a brand name, hoping that it is correct, but saying it quickly so as not to draw attention to possible mispronunciations. They leave the situation with the final caveat that, as Americans, we develop our own way of pronouncing foreign names. Although not particularly useful, it is an attempt and makes us feel better by killing the name phonetically.

Forum opinions

Members of the TZ Forums also got involved in the situation. Someone had the guts and gall to ask the question in the forum on how to pronounce Patek Philippe. The first responses were honest and forthcoming. The members generally had no idea how to pronounce the name correctly. Many of them weren’t even willing to venture to guess. We finally came to a brave soul who guessed that the last part of the name should at least be pronounced “fee-leep.” This seemed to break the ice enough for others to get on the train. We learned that the name Patek was of Polish origin and the founder was an aristocrat named Antoine Norbert from Patek. He hired a watchmaker partner, Francois Czapek, to establish the first Patek Philippe company. This retelling of the company’s history seemed to take at least some heat out of the correct way of saying the name.

Finally, a forum member launched a linguistic point of view that adopted the name Patek, which in Czechoslovakian means “Friday” (more rhetoric to divert attention from the correct pronunciation). He added that there were a few different ways of stating Patek. The exact way to say it could be “Piatek” or “Piontek.” With two more ways of pronouncing the first part of the name, we were no closer to feeling safe than when we started. Now we have guesses that include French, Polish and Czech ways of pronouncing the name correctly.

Consult the experts

Our search led us to sites that excel at the correct pronunciation of names and words that are often difficult to decipher. We thought that, without a doubt, Pronounce it correctly would have the answers we were looking for. A recording confirmed our suspicions that the acceptable way to pronounce the name is, as the French would say, “Pa-tek-fee-leep.” The site does not offer fanfare or warnings about the history of the brand or the founders. It is a simple recording that says the name, but is it correct? We thought it wise to check out one more site to confirm what was right for us.

One last confirmation

We decided to find out what the correct pronunciation had to say on the matter. This website actually took the time to provide a bit more information on the Swiss luxury watch brand …

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