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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How does a Quickshifter work?

4 julio, 2021

The time invested in the change is the time that the rear wheel is not operated. Time with an unpowered rear wheel is time wasted for a competitor. On a race track, where tenths of a second matter, that’s a problem.

how the quickshifter works

That’s why race bikes have long had quick shifts, which, as the name implies, make shifting happen quickly, to reduce the time that the rear tire does not push the bike forward. Sometimes racing technology seeps into the bikes we ride down the street. Is it really essential to save a fraction of a second when accelerating onto the highway for your morning commute? Probably not. But some people like to give their hand a break, some like the high-tech feel of a quick shifter, and some probably like to pretend they’re a GP star.

Whatever the reason, quick shifters are appearing more and more on the bikes we buy and ride, so let’s examine how one works.

The quickshift on this Yamaha Tracer GT is simple and elegant both in theory and in operation. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

what is the quickshifter

Quickshifters come in two varieties. One type assists in upshifts and the other assists in both upshifts and downshifts. We will first discuss upshifting, as it is common to both types of quick change. However, before getting into them, it helps to understand what happens mechanically in each gear change.

Normally, on a motorcycle without a quickshift, the driver closes the throttle. The rider then operates the clutch lever to disengage the transmission from the engine. Engine revs drop, and once there is no more power flowing through the transmission, the gears within it unload, allowing the shift dogs to let go of the shift combo being used. The rider then moves the shift lever to select the next gear, re-engages the drive train to the engine by releasing the clutch lever, and finally reapplies the throttle.

quickshifter what is it

It takes a long time to write, a long time to read, and a long time to understand, but if you are reading this article, you have probably done it more than once and know that it is a fairly quick operation. However, to cut down on time, racers and street demons have long done clutchless upshifting, which involves momentarily releasing the throttle to unload the powertrain, selecting the next gear, and then stepping back on the accelerator. .

what is the quickshifter for

A quick shift that assists in upshifting eliminates the necessary throttle movement. Typically this is done by momentarily shutting off the spark or fuel to the engine. On a carbureted motorcycle, cutting fuel is not practical, so spark cutting is the most practical method of interrupting engine power. However, cutting fuel is the preferred method for a variety of reasons, most of which have to do with the negative impact of sending unburned fuel through the engine and catalytic converter, which is why it is generally the go-to method. for fuel injection machines.

Dj transducer
This DynoJet quick-change transducer senses both pressure and tension on the shift rod. Photo of DynoJet.

The timing of the interruption is usually provided by a transducer mounted somewhere on the shift lever or linkage. (The most common additional settings run in line with the shift rod.) The transducer detects a change in pressure on the gear lever or linkage, which initiates the power interruption for the gear change. Many factory units use a mechanical switch preloaded with a spring at the time of this writing, but there are switches built with stationary strain gauges, which preserve the natural feeling of change if the spring is not for you.

Now, of course, the other half of the equation is downshift. Not all quick shifters are capable of handling downshifts, because the process is a bit different. You may have heard of a quick shifter that also handles downshifts called “autoblippers,” and there’s good reason for that. In a downshift, engine revs don’t need to decrease, they actually need to increase. Instead of cutting off engine power for a moment like in a downshift, increase engine speed! The motor…

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